Best Health Foods For Weight Loss: Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

dreaded diet cycle

Are you tired of the dreaded diet cycle? With issues like:  the famine response (I’m starving!), the yo-yo effect (I’m losing muscle along with fat), or the simple fact that weight loss just won’t work for you?

The overweight and obesity rates here in the United States are higher than ever. This is fact – and it’s not good because it can make you sick. We are seeing more kids overweight and obese as well and they are having adult health problems as kids.

Did you know that ‘DIETS‘ can actually be the cause of overweight and obesity?  Is that why your diet isn’t working?

And did you know that some people are both obese and malnourished at the same time. How can that be?

Listen to the following PODCAST – a discussion of the real story behind weight gain, obesity, weight loss, dieting, and some real solutions you will want to hear about as part of your search for something that will finally work for you!

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Best Health Foods For Weight Loss

This podcast was brought to you from the 56+ years of Shaklee science, research and clinical studies.

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