Can a Multivitamin Make a Difference in Your Health

Is getting healthier this year one of your goals?

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What if we told you that one of the easiest things you can do, every single day, is to take the best multivitamin  –  and it can help you have better health?



We are not doctors, and we do not work in the medical field. What we write about here on the blog and the products we share are our own personal healthy journey over the past 38 years. We do not make claims of any kind, but simply share what has worked for us personally and for others we know that share the same belief that natural supplement help us live more healthy.


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Back in 1982 it was huge for us to learn that taking a (certain type of) daily vitamin could give us measurable results in terms of feeling better – feeling healthier – AND building better health for our future as well.

37 years later we love helping people who are interested in taking better control of their health, and who have specific goals and want to hear about real solutions  –  especially basic Multivitamins.


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If you already take a daily vitamin, keep reading to make sure you are taking the right type.

And if you haven’t yet made that commitment, or you have never believed in taking vitamins, keep reading to learn some things that maybe you didn’t know.


The nutrients you feed your body, that power your cells, make a huge difference in your health.

You get nutrients from food, though not from many of the foods in the standard American diet.

And even if you do eat better than most, it is very hard to get all the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients your body needs to be healthy.

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There is so much research available now about the links between diet and health. And of course we have most of that information available at our finger tips, via the internet.

The problem is there is TOO MUCH information. And it can be hard to understand. And it can be overwhelming. And it can be tough to really decide what we should do:  how and what to eat, and how and what to supplement.

We are always learning about how to eat healthier.

And in regard to supplements we trust what we take to only one brand, because all vitamins are not created equal.


Science and Nutrition Go Hand in Hand

As you learn more about multivitamins and supplements in general, we encourage you to do your homework.

In fact, you may not be aware, but the ingredients of many different brands of vitamins and supplements are produced with little or no scientific supervision.

Some never dissolve in your body. How will they work if they don’t dissolve?


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You need to choose a brand that you trust.

With the science and research behind the ingredients in your multivitamin, and the formulation, so that they get absorbed in your body

With supplements that really are clinically proven to fill the gaps of your nutrition needs, and make you (measurably) healthier

We work with the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in America because they are effective (proven to make a positive difference in your health), safe (never a recall), and high quality ingredients

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There are things you should understand about taking vitamins. We started to learn about them 38 years ago, and we continue studying and keeping up with new science and new research.

Important about multivitamins:

  1. Type
  2. Quality
  3. Safety
  4. Proof

Types of Vitamins: 

Learn How Vitamins are made because your health depends on it if you’re taking them.

There are natural vitamins and synthetic vitamins. Synthetic vitamins are made in the lab, not found in nature. We prefer natural supplements, that are food-based  –  this means that they are sourced from and formulated as close to the way you find them in foods as possible.

Your body knows what to do with fresh food (the healthiest foods), and needs to know what to do with vitamins.

This is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in vitamin and supplement brands. 

Many supplements don’t dissolve in the right time to be absorbed and used by your cells, or even get to the right part of your body to be released. 

For example, the kind of research and scientific study, of nutrients and how they work in the body, that Shaklee does, resulted in creating innovations like the folic acid micro-coating on Vita Lea that allows for immediate release in the stomach. This kind of formulation enhances the absorption of folic acid, an essential B vitamin that helps your body produce and maintain new cells.

There are 4 different delivery systems in the tablets that make up Vitalizer, a daily nutrition supplement strip, because different nutrients need to get to different parts of the body to be released, absorbed, and used in your cells – to help you be healthier.

Most supplement companies do not do this type of research or formulation of their products. Some brands don’t even make their own products. 

Food-based, natural vitamins are ‘supplements’ to the food you eat, and we believe are the best multivitamin to take. 



With all the food and supplement recall scares that happen today, it all begins with quality of ingredients.

The ingredients need to be tested thoroughly – something else that is very different brand to brand.

We choose the brand that has this kind of dedication to quality:

  • more than 300 quality control tests to guarantee the purity and potency of ingredients
  • micro-coating delivery system improves absorption
  • twice the daily dose of vitamins C, D and E
  • includes beta-carotene for extra antioxidant protection

A quality multivitamin is comprehensive in ingredients, it is balanced in formulation to be better absorbed, and it is clinically proven (ask for the proof).

When you take a quality multivitamin you should feel noticeably better with more energy.

The goal of a great quality daily vitamin is optimal health:  including heart, immune, bone, and joint health, physical energy, and healthy skin, hair and nails.

Such an important type of vitamin is a prenatal vitamin, and it’s just as important to take it postnatal. Shaklee’s Vita Lea, all natural, food-based prenatal vitamin, powered 4 pregnancies for our family, as well as 5 grandchildren so far.



If you aren’t using good quality supplements, problems can happen.

Whether it be deadly problems like serious recalls similar to food recalls that have had devastating consequences, or a problem with a specific ingredient that has been contaminated, safety should be right up there with quality of ingredients.

Synthetic vitamins, taken in excess, or even natural vitamins taken in excess, can interact with a medical condition or medicine.

Manufacturers are not required to provide scientific evidence of efficacy or safety, or quality or purity – so if SAFETY MATTERS to you, you have to find a brand that will give you the proof.

What is important to keep in mind is that a cheap vitamin with no quality testing  can be way more expensive than a vitamin that costs a little more but does strict safety and quality testing.

That’s because the cheap vitamin may not get absorbed in your body, may not work in your body, or could actually work against your good health (as was proven in the Landmark Study – see below).

Safe vitamins do not have to be too expensive for you to purchase. We chose an affordable brand that delivers all the healthy results we want, and that is 100% guaranteed.

Clinically Proven

We have clinical proof that Shaklee vitamins do help make us healthier.

We can’t say this for any other brand you might take. You have to get proof directly from the brand.

Many supplements are made together in the same factories, with a different label placed on the bottle.

No other company that we know of, who makes supplements, does the kind of scientific research and 3rd party clinical studies that Shaklee does.

And no other company has done a long term study, like the Landmark Study that Shaklee partnered with University of California, Berkeley, CA, to study the effects of supplements.

The Landmark Study showed fantastic results for Shaklee supplement users. You can see more about that here:  Landmark Study.


Shaklee Landmark Study


If getting healthier can be as easy as swallowing some tablets every day, what are you waiting for?

Of course you can’t have a completely unhealthy lifestyle and take some tablets, expecting all your wrongs will be made right. And you do still need to target things like getting rest, getting some exercise, and getting a plan to relieve stress. 

We still think that one of the easiest things you can do for better health is to take supplements, because they do help to counter some of the choices we make that aren’t the healthiest for us.

Regular exercise is a struggle for many of us  –  although we are big fans of getting some kind of physical activity, including walking whatever distance is healthy for you, as many times a week as you can.

Sleep is a BIG challenge for some of us – hopefully not you! But it’s still easier to swallow, chew or drink a multi-vitamin than it is to either fall asleep if you struggle with that, or to get enough sleep for those of us with busy schedules or with young children.


Daily vitamins are not miracle workers. But for us, they prevent us from getting sick a lot of the time; and if we do get sick, the symptoms aren’t as strong and the duration is shorter. 

Lots of people struggle with remembering to take their daily vitamins, even though they realize the benefits.

If you really want the results that a daily vitamin can give you, it is essential make them part of your daily schedule.

Vitamins don’t work like aspirin or ibuprofen, or even a supplement like echinacea, that you only take when you have a headache or are fighting off a cold.

Vitamins do their work when you treat them like food – and consume them every single day.


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Finally some support from the medical community:

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) states that every adult should supplement their diet with a multivitamin to help maintain good health, and many doctors are also starting to see the value of supplements and are  recommending their patients take daily vitamins.

The problem is that most doctors have no clue that all vitamins are not created equal. They did not study nutrition in school and it’s not the focus of their practice.

This is why you have to be your own wellness advocate. Do your own research.


Let us help you shorten the curve because we share on this blog things we have learned the past 38 years!

We invite you to try the Shaklee brand of products today. Start with a daily vitamin choice – the one we choose as the best  multivitamin our money can buy, that costs about $10 per month per person.  We say best because it has such a great brand legacy (over 100 years now) – positive results for so many people who have trusted Vita Lea over the years.

There is also a more comprehensive choice in the form of a daily strip of supplements that contain the Vita Lea multivitamin and then some extra nutrients like additional Vitamins A, B, C, E and essential omega fatty acids (fish oil) as well as a probiotic.

You can learn more about Shaklee’s daily vitamins here:  Vita Lea, and Vitalizer.


Best Way to Buy


Any day is a great day to try Shaklee Products!

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