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Best Protein Shakes

Why are Life Shakes the best protein shakes and where can you get 10 Delicious Recipes?

There are Multiple Reasons. And you can get those recipes right here! 

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What if one thing you eat every day can make a huge difference in your life.

What if one thing you eat every day makes you FEEL BETTER.

What if one thing you eat every day makes you FEEL AWESOME!

Would you eat it?

Protein is your best friend. It is the building blocks of your body. You need it because you are continuously growing new cells. Behind water, it is the most abundant substance in your body.


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   Choco Banana Protein Shake
Blueberry Vanilla Protein Shake
Tropical Green Protein Shake
Tropical Green Protein Shake
peach cinnamon protein shake
Peach Cinnamon Protein Shake
pumpkin spice protein shake
Pumpkin Spice Protein Shake
Strawberry Creamsicle Protein Shake
honey melon protein shake recipe
Honey Melon Protein Shake
cherry cheesecake protein shake recipe
Cherry Cheesecake Protein Shake
greens plant protein shake recipe
Greens Plant Protein Shake
banana carrot protein shake recipe
Banana Carrot Protein Shake

Benefits of Plant Protein

There is so much to protein. I don’t know about you, but the last time I ate a great steak, some new chicken recipe, eggs, fish (I do like most kinds of fish/seafood), it tasted good enough – but I didn’t notice it making me feel different.

This article is about a very specific brand of protein shakeShaklee Life Shake. It is available in both SOY and Non-Soy options. The best way to see ALL of the Shaklee protein isolate options is to go to either of those links and type in the Search Bar at the top:  plant protein.

All of the choices will be displayed.

When I drink a very specific kind of protein shake, I FEEL the difference. That’s why I like to have one for at least one meal every day.

It was a process to find the best protein shakes, but my husband, family and I have reaped the benefits ever since. And today we are sharing them with you.

We have learned so much about protein over the years, too much to put into one post – so be sure to subscribe to so you will get all of our protein posts as we release them. Today we cover some important reasons why we decided on the best protein shake that you can find.

The source of protein you eat every day can dramatically change the way you FEEL throughout the day.


What you eat really does have a HUGE effect on how you FEEL.

When you think about protein you might think about your hair and nails that are made up mostly of protein. But protein does so much more in your body. You need it to make hormones and enzymes and for antibodies in your immune system. You need protein for growth, for repair and for recovery – for your cells, muscles and hormones.

If protein is such an essential part of your body and if protein plays such a huge role in your health, you want to make sure that you eat the best quality protein to get the best quality health.

Whether you like meats, fish, eggs and dairy, plants, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, or a protein shake, there are good sources of protein and poor quality choices.

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Protein Shakes Every Day

The way we use protein shakes is to supplement the protein we eat each day by making it one of our meals. We are still eating other protein sources in our remaining daily meals, such as a healthy piece of salmon or steak, a couple of eggs, or vegetables and fruit.

There are fantastic reasons why to include a Protein Shake as a daily meal. Here are two.  Don’t underestimate how they can change your life because they make you FEEL better throughout the day.

  1.  Low Glycemic
  2. Growth & Recovery

With our mornings mostly fast and furious, an easy to make and drink protein shake for breakfast gives us the best start to our day with high quality, healthy, low glycemic protein (doesn’t spike your blood sugar). That’s because when you eat protein in the morning (and not carbs) you set favorable blood sugar levels and don’t have mid morning crashes. Plus you’re not hungry til lunchtime.

Do not discount how the food you eat affects you and your day because this is BIG – and it can change your day in such a fantastic way.

How important is it to you to FEEL great. To get more accomplished. To be energized. To feel motivated.

And to NOT feel tired. Or moody. Or sluggish. Or unmotivated.

I am not saying these protein shakes are magic (haha). But they sure do make a difference.

When you strategically choose a brand that shares exactly what is in the protein and how it is such a healthy choice for you, you are able to count on getting those results every single day.

It can be hard to eat enough good quality, healthy protein every day. To fill the gap of protein that your body needs each day, a Protein Shake is a perfect choice. It’s quick and easy while it delivers such healthy benefits. Who doesn’t need quick and easy in our busy lives. Plus you can find a source that is not simply protein, but a complete meal.

We don’t only do Protein Shakes for breakfast. A couple of evenings a week when we need a quick meal, we have a Protein Shake. It’s fun to try different recipes, and it’s great to have a meal that is satisfying because (again) it keeps your blood sugar levels, that also control your mood and energy levels, balanced.

chocolate strawberry protein shake

Growth and Recovery

Protein is needed for more than growth. Consider recovery. Your body needs to recover every day as much as it needs to support new cell growth. Researchers are associating recovery with longevity, and some scientists believe recovery can be the key to living younger longer.

If aging gracefully, or in other words feeling energized and enjoying good health as you grow older, is appealing to you, it begins with taking care of your body. Protein is key to taking care of your body.

Fast food protein is not going to cut it for better health. Low quality protein is probably not going to be enough either. Quality in equals quality out.


There’s more to the story beyond the quality or quantity of protein you eat. The way you digest the protein – absorb and assimilate it – is important because your body can’t use it if it doesn’t get into your cells.

Digestion:  Absorption  –  Assimilation

Your protein shake should support all the different functions of protein in your body and be easily absorbed and assimilated.


As part of your body’s digestion system, enzymes are needed to break down the protein, so that the smaller particles of protein can be absorbed into your body.


Next, what is absorbed in your intestines (digestive system) goes into your blood stream where it can enter your cells and help keep them healthy.

If these processes don’t run smoothly your cells do not get the nutrition they need. And when your cells are not healthy you don’t feel good. You lack energy. You can get sick. You can get serious diseases.

How Does Your Body Digest Protein?

Your body digests sources of protein differently. A protein shake will be digested differently than dead protein – animal protein or fish or chicken. Depending on how dead protein is cooked, it may take too long to digest in a way that your body gets the nutrient benefit, or the delay in fully digesting it can even make your body too acidic – or be uncomfortable for you (stomach pain, regurgitation, acid reflux).

When your body has such a long period of time that it’s in need of protein, it can have muscle loss. This is a good reason to find a protein where you can digest and assimilate the protein, and also very important you can retain lean muscle.

cherry cheesecake protein shake

Amino Acids

It can get a little confusing doing protein research. There is ‘complete protein’ that has all of the essential amino acids your body needs to be healthy, and then there is ‘incomplete protein’ that does not.

What do you need to know about amino acids?  Here’s an overview from Shaklee:

Foods provide about 20 different amino acids, of which more than half are considered to be “nonessential.” In other words, the body can make them for itself. However, nine other amino acids are considered “essential,” meaning the body is unable to make them on its own. And unlike the carbohydrates and fats we consume, amino acids are not stored in the body. Therefore, the body must rely on a constant and steady supply from the protein-rich foods we eat every day.

So the reason why essential amino acids are so important in your daily diet is because your body doesn’t make them – you have to get them from your food. And not all foods have them all so you have to plan to eat combinations of foods, or choose protein sources that do have all 8 or 9 essential amino acids.

In fact the amino acids are what is important, not the protein source itself. The proteins you choose should have the important essential amino acids.

It is especially important for people to understand these protein facts as they move to a diet like Atkins or a lower carb/higher protein diet because you want to get healthy results, not develop an illness or disease from eating the wrong kind of food (including protein).

For example, most plant proteins (except for soy) do not have all the essential amino acids so you have to eat plants in the right combination to make sure you get them all. And then foods like red meat that might have all the essential amino acids can be hard to digest for many people, or you can’t eat them every day.

Vegans can get into trouble because if you don’t eat those right combinations of plants, you can become protein deficient.

Healthy Protein

There are so many considerations when we look at the food we eat providing us with the nutrition we need.

The Protein Meal Shakes we eat every day have all of the essential amino acids in the right balance.

green superfood protein shake

Plant Proteins

One of the reasons we went looking for a protein supplement was that we wanted to maintain a healthy weight and didn’t want to consume too much high fat protein or calories. This is when we also learned about getting better health benefits, digesting it better, and ultimately feeling so much better having our protein shake every day.

If you take a powder protein supplement, it is essential to know how it is made because if it is processed with high heat it will lose nutrient content and so you won’t get the health benefits your body needs from the food you feed your cells, and it can even be dangerous to consume.

Some of the primary reasons we choose the brand of protein shake we consume every day is the quality of the whole-food, raw materials and the processing of these nutrients that maintains all of the healthy nutrition.

There are many reasons why we choose the best protein shakes from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in America.

Why We Choose Shaklee Soy or Plant Protein

If you are like most people you might not understand the differences in the protein you eat, the way it is processed, how you body will or will not be able to digest it, and the better health you can get when you consume the right kind.

When we went looking for a soy protein source to supplement our diets many years ago, we found a very unique soy protein supplement that had such an impressive story around it that we had to try it. Shaklee figured out how to process soy beans back in the 1950’s, yet there are still brands that don’t do it in a healthy way.

Here we are some 35+ years later still buying and eating the same brand protein supplement. It’s formulation has changed over the years because Shaklee scientists continue to research and develop new additions to it such as adding prebiotics and omega 3’s, but it is still the same basic protein source that we grew to love so much.


Today we have Soy (vegan) and Plant Protein (non-soy vegan) choices – both with Zero added sugar.

  • Can get absorbed and assimilated better in your body
  • The Benefits of Shaklee Protein Life Shake
  • Both have 20 grams of ultra-pure, plant-based protein
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Precise ratios of 9 essential amino acids,
  • Leucine (to help preserve lean muscle)
  • 6 grams of fiber
  • All the nutrients you want in a complete meal
  • Prebiotics
  • ALA and essential omega-3 fatty acid
  • Zero added sugar
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Low glycemic.
  • Kosher. (Certified by the Star-K kosher certification agency)
  • Favorable to maintain a healthy weight

Check out the Plant Protein Shake Label and the Soy Protein Shake Labels by visiting this page and clicking the drop down under Labels:  Labels

Watching Carbs?  The new Life Shakes are low carb.  They seriously have everything you want and nothing you don’t!

plant protein

There are other articles about protein and the best protein shakes here on Just use the search bar in the right column to read more. And subscribe to our feed to get the articles we will be posting the rest of this month and in the future.

To learn more about purchasing Shaklee Life Shakes, either soy, non-soy or plain & simple (no sugar and almost no net carbs), visit:  Shaklee Life Shake.

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