Build Up Immune System Naturally: Vitamins Boost Immune System

It’s that time of year when our immune systems are challenged at a higher rate and may possible fail us if we don’t build up immune system and have it primed to fight the invaders. I hate to get sick. I wake up in the morning and I expect to feel good and have lots of energy all day long. I really don’t have time to get sick.


Watching a Dr. Oz show while exercising last week I thought it was interesting how he described why we get sick more in the winter. He talked about the fact that there are germs year round that can make us sick. But it’s the air in our environment that makes the difference.

In the winter there is less humidity in the air and so the air does not support the germs. Those nasty germs can get wherever they want to go, and make us sick in the process. Unless: you are ready with a strong immune system.

Build Up Immune System

So how do you boost your immunity, or your response to illness? When the germs, bacteria, or any type of invader move in to attack your body, how do you help it remain prepared at all times? First, understand that your immune system is a very powerful force in your body, made up of trillions of cells just waiting to fight back.

Now there is a very complex operation that makes up a functioning immune system. We aren’t going to get into the science of all that here. Let’s just say that it is awesome and should be well respected. However, it can fail us.

Instead of discussing immune terminology such as macrophages, t-helper cells, b-cells, antibodies, cytokines, antigens or receptors, let’s talk about how we can improve the very first line of defense in our bodies when we are exposed to illnesses.

Important factors like getting enough rest, exercising that helps build your immune system, managing stress successfully, eating well and even taking supplements can all help your immune system fight off colds, sore throats, the flu and other chronic illnesses like allergies or asthma.

Vitamins Boost Immune System

You may have a weak immune system from recent health challenges or maybe you’ve had one all your life. If so, you may need something stronger than a multi-vitamin or some extra vitamin C. There are other vitamins and minerals associated with strengthening your immune system. They include: zink, vitamin E, B-Complex, fish oil, garlic and probiotics.

A few years ago we were given another option for boosting our immune systems: a clinically proven complex of several ingredients that stimulate the natural immune function by strengthening that first line of defense we mentioned is responsible for kicking out invaders before they have a chance to make you sick.

Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima, an immunologist and professor, isolated interferon in his own scientific research in the late 1950’s – at the same time two European scientists publicly discovered interferon. Interferon is a powerful medication used to treat certain health conditions but also has harsh side effects.

Build Up Immune System Naturally

Dr. Kojima went on to study over 200 herbs that in some way could impact your immune system and prevent illnesses, along with the need to take potent medications. Together with Shaklee scientists they developed a natural interferon supplement, with supporting ingredients pumpkin seeds, safflower flower, Japanese honeysuckle flower buds and plantago seed.

The formulation that Dr. Kojima developed allows these ingredients to work synergistically together in order to help you build a powerful immune system. And of course there aren’t side effects, only side benefits to build up immune system such as feeling healthier and having an immune system ready for immediate response.

Just as important as choosing the right natural health ingredient to take is choosing the brand you will trust.  Remember that vitamins and herbs are not regulated like medications are so it is essential to choose a company that guarantees what they put on the label is what you get in the product.  Companies that go a step further and develop delivery systems that insure the nutrients get to the right part of the body before they are released so that they can get absorbed, and that do safety tests on individual ingredients as well as whole products, have formidable science and research departments behind their products.

There is no guarantee that you will never get sick, but we do know that a weak immune system can’t fight as well as a strong immune system.  To learn more about Nutriferon, Shaklee’s natural interferon complex, visit Build Up Immune System.  Be sure to click on all the tabs for supporting science information.


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