Holiday Traveling Includes Carlos Bakery (The Cake Boss) & Sweet Treats

On Tuesday afternoon we left for a 5 hour drive to Hoboken, New Jersey to visit our son and this town where he lives, as well as a day in New York City before bringing him home to the rest of the family for Christmas. When we arrived we had a delicious dinner at Cafe Michelina’s in Hoboken.

One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to Carlos Bakery the next morning; it is the home of The Cake Boss television show that is such a hit with so many folks.  From the beautiful cakes and delicious pastries that are created to the daily happenings of a very active and passionate family, there is a lot of enjoyment that is good for an anti-aging lifestyle – especially if we keep the actual consumption somewhat low (sugar is not anti-aging friendly but comraderie and happy times are!).

Here is a video that we made on our visit. We were shocked by the amount of people visiting this small shop and later found out that they had taped an episode of the television show earlier that morning. It was great that Buddy signed the t-shirt we bought as a gift to a huge fan of the show and lots of fun to talk with the people waiting in a line that was about 60 deep at a time!

Thanks to the mom and daughter from Chicago (celebrating her 16th birthday at Carlos Bakery and NYC) who were so kind to share their experience, and a lady from Jersey City, NJ who directed us to the delicious pastries we bought (it is totally overwhelming to have so many choices).

After exploring Hoboken in the morning, we went into New York City, had bison burgers for lunch at Ted’s Montana Grill on West 51st Street (I had mine on top of a caesar salad and was delicious) and then shopped and enjoyed Christmas downtown. We also had warm drinks several times to help warm us up.. it was cold that day! At one point we had hot chocolate at a table right beside Hugh Jackman.. great to see him and two other guys with nine children enjoying Christmas in NYC. Here are some highlights..

Our day in New York City ended with a visit to our son’s office. He works on the 36th floor of a building on Madison Avenue and we were excited to see where he spends his weekdays, and travel his route home with him after work. We have stayed in our share of hotels over the years, and really prefer to stay with family and friends when traveling, and be able to experience ‘real life’ in that location. This trip was a wonderful addition to our Christmas week this year!

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  1. well, there are so many tourist attractions that you find on asia and europe. i would really love to travel a lot ;`.

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