Christmas Awesome Time for Appreciation & Networking

Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays!)

It is important to tell people how much they are appreciated and I would like to take this time to thank YOU:   all of my customers, clients, Shaklee members, and all who support my business and who I work with here online.

YOU ARE APPRECIATED every day of the year!  I wish for you that you find more peace and love in your life, more faith and hope in your heart, with happiness and all good things throughout the holiday season and new year ahead.

I would like to offer my assistance as well.  If there is anything that I can help you with in regard to natural health solutions or any of the work that I do online, I would be most happy to do that.

Christmas is one of the most social times of the year.  We spend time with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  When we are together we talk about our lives:  fun things we have done recently, holiday shopping stories, a new restaurant we found, plans we have, a movie we saw recently, work events, our health and health challenges, and many more topics.

When you think about it, a good portion of our conversations involve referral in one way or another:  telling about a good movie we saw, somewhere we have visited, a new restaurant we like, something that helped us in some part of our life.  We live in a social networking environment!

This makes me think about Shaklee and how I feel fortunate to work in a social business all year long.  Shaklee has been a social networking company for all of its 53+ years – long before the term was a household word.  What we do is similar to what people do in social situations.  We talk about things that have made a difference in our lives, we refer what has worked for us, and we do it because it’s a benefit to the person we tell.

Making a difference in someone’s life – helping them improve their health – is a rewarding way to live and work.  I feel blessed to have Shaklee in my life for over 27 years.  Establishing a social marketing business model around extremely effective products that people become very loyal to and that can help families financially as well – so many years ago – is a pretty impressive thing.  And were are stronger than ever in a huge economic recession!

How we feel is something that is important every minute of every day.  Many of us struggle with some health matter that we have not been able to improve.  It can affect our quality of life and doesn’t have to hold us back.  Many times, natural nutrition solutions can make a difference.  If you think about it, what we put into our bodies is going to be a huge influence on what we get back in terms of our health.

If you know someone that has a health challenge, or wants to lose weight the healthy way, needs more energy, or is under a lot of stress, has joint pain or wants to fight aging, has hormonal imbalances, is sick all of the time, or something I haven’t mentioned that can be addressed with natural solutions that give results instead of side effects – let our natural way of social networking guide you to telling them about Shaklee.

In 2010 we are going to make it easier than ever to refer someone to have a look at natural health solutions, and to show how that helps everyone.  From videos posted online – to documents hosted here on our blog that detail problems and solutions – to an online conference room where we can meet and invite others to join us (each in the comfort of our own home).

We are going to get more active in showing people how when they refer people to our brand that changes lives, we can help them get their own products paid for as a referral benefit.  For those who want more than referral compensation, we can show them how Shaklee has changed in regard to starting a business and earning significant money right away.

I look forward to talking with you soon.  Don’t hesitate to call me, email, talk on Twitter (@VickiZerbee), find me on Facebook (, or request that we meet in my web conference room.

p.s.  If you are not on our email newsletter list, please send an email to and request to be added.  We are going to have some great incentives in 2010 including free full-size products, extra rewards for hosting an onine meeting (in our web room from the comfort of your home), and some very cool things the company has planned for the new year.

p.s.s.  In addition to health and wellness, I have been helping businesses with their social media marketing online (you know.. all the buzz about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and many more sites like these where a business needs to reach out and engage with their customers).  If you have any questions or want some good resources to access, let me know.

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