Have you had your Shake today?

Just about every day, I begin my day with a Protein Shake.  I can not say enough about how it makes you feel.  It gives your body this nutritional boost that you really can FEEL.  It regulates your blood sugar levels and helps to just give you this really good feeling of well being.  It is like this real balanced feeling of being satisfied and a great energy level.   

If you say you have tried protein shakes before and didn’t see any real benefit, I would say have you tried the Shaklee Distributor brand?  There really is a difference in quality and efficacy between brands.  The amount of research and clinical studies that go into this brand is very impressive.  Each product, including the soy, is only manufactured after having proven health benefits and proven to be SAFE.

Now we have several options for our daily shakes.  There is the plain Soy Protein available in both vanilla and chocolate flavors.  There is that soy that is inside the weight management shakes and also available in vanilla and chocolate.  Also there is a low carb option (less than 1gram of carbohydrates per serving), another meal shake option, and a sports nutrition protein shake.

Benefits of soy include:

-most clinically supported, highest quality plant-based protein

-non-GMO biologically complete protein source for the entire family that contains all nine essential amino acids

-soy protein serving gives 14 grams of heart-healthy soy protein

-with phytoestrogens to support prostate, breast, and menopausal health

-contains 50 % of the daily value of calcium to support strong bones

-is the perfect meal on the go – excellent source of protein and other critical nutrients

-low glycemic index to retain normal blood sugar levels

-water washed, not alcohol processed which removes beneficial isoflavones

-cholesterol-free and lactose-free

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