Help With Joint Pain: Natural Solutions for Joint Pain

help with joint pain

Are you looking for help with joint pain? Are the side effects of traditional pain management interfering with the quality of your life or simply not addressing the root cause of your pain?

When we look at natural solutions for joint pain we are thinking more about nutrients that can help your body by supporting the parts that are causing you pain. We believe that nutrition can help heal the body and in addition target prevention from all kinds of illnesses and diseases.

You may live with pain every day. Many people do. They take pills, they get shots, they have surgeries and all kinds of procedures to help get rid of the pain. Sometimes it is successful and many times it’s not. Chronic pain means constant suffering and a definite reduction in quality of life.

Pain can interfere with your career, your lifestyle in terms of how active you would like to be, the ability to get restful sleep every night, and can also be  a financial burden.  Did you know that 24 percent of Americans – or 48 million people – have chronic pain?

Help With Joint Pain

How can natural solutions, in the form of all-natural nutrition supplements, help with your joint pain? First, high quality, natural nutrition can help reduce or even eliminate chronic pain over time. Another important consideration if you have side effects from pain meds is that taking natural, food-based supplements is safe and produces only side benefits, not side effects.

An example of side benefits are when you take something like omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil supplements) to help with inflammation in your body that’s causing your pain, and you get pain relief but then you also get all the different benefits that fish oil supplements offer. Benefits of fish oil include:

Natural solutions for joint pain are effective alternatives or additions to using pain medication. WebMD states some reasons why people can’t take prescription meds:  because they upset stomach, cause heartburn or nausea, cause constipation or a rash, and over time cause stomach ulcers, kidney and liver damage. High doses of pain medications can also increase risk of heart attack or stroke.

What is the cause of your pain? Is it due to injury, surgery, or illness? Pain associated to injury or surgery often comes from inflammation in your body. With injury, you may have swelling, and the affected area may be warm or even hot. You can experience temporary redness. This type of pain will go away within a specified time.

Chronic pain is different. You may have had it for years or it may be new but you are looking at years of suffering ahead. This type of pain is often related to inflammation, and can be related to diseases like arthritis or cancer. It is devastating to live with chronic pain. Simple household tasks can increase pain and getting exercise that benefits your body may be too painful to think about doing on a regular basis.

natural solutions for joint pain

Inflammation and Joint Pain

Inflammation causes pain and is being studied extensively because there is a relationship between inflammation and many different diseases or illnesses, with and without pain associated. There is also belief in the scientific community that our diets are responsible for creating inflammation in our bodies. This is disturbing because it is resulting in more inflammatory diseases, and for many of us that does mean more pain.

If you were born before 1960, you probably ate a daily diet that was balanced in the essential fatty acids, Omega-3’s and Omega-6’s. This included more fresh foods that we cooked or prepared ourselves:  essential nutrients your body needs every day and does not make on its own. Today that balance is getting way out of whack!

Examples of where we get Omega-6 fatty acids are processed foods, fast foods and convenience foods. You can see how our busy lifestyles can contribute to the unbalance we now have because many of us do eat on the run, don’t make the healthiest choices and do rely on quick and convenient. Plus, if truth be told, these types of food can taste pretty good AND many of us eat for taste!

Both types of ‘essential’ fatty acids are important and each has their role in your body, but if your balance of Omega-6’s taken in are too high and you aren’t getting enough Omega-3’s, you create the risk  of  inflammation starting to cause you problems.

What we’ve just discussed is the reason why you are probably hearing more about taking a fish oil supplement. The medical community, news shows, talk shows, printed materials and even the radio are talking about and advertising that you supplement your daily diet with a fish oil supplement – to help you increase  your Omega-3 intake and balance out too many Omega-6’s.

Your health and the level of pain you may have now, or expect to feel in the future, can be more in your control. If you look closer at the nutrition you are putting in your body, and the supplements that you can use to help manage your health, you can be in charge of your pain – and hopefully the lack of it!

joint pain nutrition testing

Natural Solutions for Joint Pain

If you are looking for natural solutions for your joint pain, and want to evaluate some tried and proven options, have a look at the Shaklee brand.  All products are 100% guaranteed to provide you with satisfaction – so this takes away any risk from trying the products.

What’s unique about Shaklee is that they don’t make 100 products for a specific purpose. They may have one or they may have a few, but before any is released on the market – they are researched extensively for safety and efficacy and proven to work in clinical studies. This is why we can make such a strong guarantee.

Here’s an overview of four products for you to consider:  Help With Joint Pain.


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