How to Burn Fat Fast

If you are wanting to lose weight you may be searching for ways to burn fat faster. We all want to lose the weight, or fat, as fast as we can right?

And what about your shape.. does it get you excited to have your clothes fit better quickly? Today we look at a weight loss program where you lose inches first. So you notice your shape changing while you’re burning that fat, and the pounds come off almost secondary.

Leucine Weight Loss

What’s behind this type of weight loss is leucine. Check out this short video to see how it works.

So leucine is an amino acid that signals your body to hold on to your muscle while you lose the fat. You want to keep that muscle because your muscle powers your metabolism – it controns the number of calories you burn.

People that go on diet after diet are really setting themselves up for a challenge because every time they lose weight (on most diets) they lose muscle too. And it’s very hard to get that muscle back, but yet it’s so easy to pack on the pounds. Over time this yo-yo dieting causes you to have a shape that’s just not desirable.

Weight loss is not just about burning fat, or losing fat. The healthy way, and the way that you can maintain your weight loss, is to lose fat BUT keep your muscle.

The Shaklee 180 weight loss/weight management program is powered by leucine – so you keep your muscle and lose inches and fat the healthy way. The way that makes it much easier to sustain that weight loss.

To learn more about Shaklee 180, see our page here and click around the rest of the site as well:  How to Burn Fat Fast.

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