How to Fight the Fat You Eat: Resveratrol Study

resveratrol grapes

What if a teaspoon of grape tasting liquid can help counter the effects of the fat you eat?  Have you heard about resveratrol?

I’ve been taking Vivix – Shaklee’s resveratrol supplement – since it was first introduced (I think three years ago, or was it longer? the years fly by!). Resveratrol is an anti-aging nutrient. It’s the active ingredient in red wine that is good for you.

The Shaklee version, Vivix, goes a step beyond and adds polyphenols from muscadine grapes to the resveratrol, resulting in a supplement that is 10 times more potent than resveratrol alone.  Since Vivix was first introduced, there have been new clinical research studies done, and more data come back about different ways that make resveratrol healthy for you.

Before I share the study, just wanted to mention that I wrote a much more comprehensive article about resveratrol (Vivix) in a former post, in case you aren’t familiar with this anti-aging supplement.  To learn more about resveratrol and the benefits, visit here: Anti-Aging Resveratrol.

Today I would like to share a study that was published and the link to Shaklee’s announcement of it.  This study confirmed that

“key Vivix ingredients blunt the biological stress response that occurs after consuming a high-fat meal.”

The takeaway for this study is that

“we have a human clinical study published in a prestigious peer-reviewed medical research journal that shows significant and positive physiologic effects in people consuming key Vivix ingredients.”

When I first started taking Vivix, I would take it in the morning because it seemed like the best time for me to remember, and make it a daily habit.  I find this works best for me, and we can all make new habits if we choose.  Usually after you do something new for a specific period of time or number of times, it will become a habit.  The time frame is different for people and can be as little as  few days or a week, to possibly 21 days or more.  It’s an individual thing and you will have to experiment.  If the new habit is something good and you are going to get great benefits from it, you should motivate yourself to try and make it a habit as soon as possible.

Here’s a link to read the rest of this Shaklee study, and also on this page is a link to the Shaklee clinical research site:

resveratrol teaspoon

So the next time you eat a high fat meal, will it make you feel any better to take a teaspoon of Vivix that’s going to help fight the fat in your body?  I does make me feel better.  It seems that for many of us, as we age, it is easier than ever to put on a few pounds, and then a few more.  Before you know it you are classified as overweight, or maybe even obese.  And after that comes the higher risk of getting many illnesses or diseases.

Like all Shaklee products, Vivix is 100% satisfaction, money-back guaranteed.  Shaklee proves the efficacy of all products before they are offered to you.  Shaklee  can offer the guarantee because they already know the products are going to work for you.

Vivix resveratrol and polyphenols

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  1. Red wine has long been touted for its health benefits, including its
    anti-aging properties. But the question is how does it work? And good thing this is a helpful site.

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