How To Stay Fit Without Going To The Gym

Guest post by Diana Maria.

staying fit without gym

Alternatives To Staying Fit Without Gym

One question that a lot of people keep asking nowadays is: Are there any alternatives to stay fit without having to go to the gym?

Is it really possible? Can you shed those extra pounds or indeed maintain your fitness level without ever stepping into a gym? The answer to all these questions is obviously yes.

There are alternatives by which you can stay fit and shed or maintain any amount of weight through the combination of a proper diet and exercise.

And you don’t even have to worry if you don’t have enough time or money to belong to a health club.

Here we have compiled a list of exercises that you can employ to maintain fitness without the cost of a gym membership.

1. Speed walking

This is a good alternative for the treadmill. Start with a brisk walk at a moderate speed just for the warm up. As you feel an increase in your heart rate, increase your speed. Continue walking with this speed for 2-3 minutes and then reduce your speed. Bring your heart beat to a normal state and again increase your speed and repeat the same process. Engage in this activity as long as you feel comfortable as it will not only improve your cardiovascular health but also can burn lots of calories.

2. Cycling

You can get the same benefits or maybe more by cycling outdoor instead of spinning in the gym. Fitness experts say that cycling for 30 minutes every day can help you stay healthy and fit. Cycling is known to improve blood circulation to your heart, lungs, thighs, calves and lower back muscles. It boosts metabolic activity, tones your legs and helps you to stay in good shape. It strengthens your muscles. Other than workout, you also experience the benefits of open air.

3. Hiking

Hiking is another effective workout that gives you similar results or maybe more than using a step mill workout in the gym. You can have fun and also enjoy beauty of nature just by picking beautiful hiking spots. This way you will be able to shed off extra calories as well as enjoy fresh air. This activity strengthens your thighs, calves, abs and hips. It is also a great cardio workout.

4. Chest press

This is another great alternative for bench push-ups. Try this exercise with your park sitting bench. Get into the push-up position by resting your palms on the bench and toes on the ground. Taking the support of your elbows bring your chin closer to the bench surface. Make sure that your chest or chin does not touch the bench. Again lift your body until your elbows get straight. Repeat this activity as long as you can. This exercise will strengthen your arms, shoulder muscles and your chest as well.

5. Rollerblading

Rollerblading is equal to a cardio wave workout in the gym as it trains the same muscles. Here, you have the benefit of working out in the open air. This workout tones your gluts, legs and some other lower body muscles. In the beginning, it may be hard to learn to balance but as you practice you will enjoy the workout. You will lose more calories if you focus on the right muscles while rolling. For your safety, wear a helmet, wrist guards and knee guards.

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Diana Maria is a freelance journalist who has been writing about mobile technology, customer relationship management and women’s health for more than a decade. These days she is busy contributing on punchh.

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