Coronavirus strengthen immune system

How To Strengthen Your Immune System to be Healthier

You have been hearing 3 main things lately: social distancing, CDC hygiene guidelines, and building immunity.

Coronavirus strengthen immune system

The first two you can find plenty of information all over the Internet. Strengthening your immune system is where you need to be extra careful when you search for information.

There is a lot of hype and a lot of mis-information out there on the web. It can be hard to find true, authentic information. Please be careful of the sources you choose to follow.

It is true that every day is a good day to keep your immune system strong.

How do diet and supplements affect your immune system? Consider these two facts.

1) There will always be different strains of new viruses.

2) You can benefit from a strong and healthy immune system every day.

How important is a strong immune system?

People that have the hardest time recovering from any illness are those with either weak or suppressed immune systems. If you have a healthy immune system, your symptoms may be less and your body can recover faster when you get sick.

What is a good way to help your immune system?

Nutrition is huge in this endeavor. Essential nutrients do boost immunity and give your body the best chance of fighting back.


Why is getting enough high-quality protein every day a priority?

Because your immune system antibodies and other immune system fighters are dependent on protein for their structures and function.

How much should you get each day?

Age, weight, and activity levels are all factors in determining how much protein you need. What is generally recommended is to get 40-50 grams of high-quality protein every day to help build the foundation for a healthy immune response.

You may need more depending on your unique circumstances.  Protein is one area of nutrition in which quality really counts, and plant protein supplements are available if it is hard for you to get enough each day: PLANT or SOY

Vitamin A

Among the micro-nutrients, vitamin A plays a key role in normal immune function. It also plays a key role in cellular differentiation, growth, reproduction, maintenance of epithelial surfaces, and vision.

Vitamin A is found as preformed vitamin A in foods like liver, cod-liver oil, butter, eggs, and dairy products and you get provitamin A carotenoids in foods like spinach, carrots, orange fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C

Research shows higher levels of Vitamin C can definitely help boost your immunity. It can also reduce the severity of allergies, and help you fight off other infections. The more we learn about Vitamin C and its effects on this virus, the more our scientific community is thinking Dr. Linus Pauling might have been right all along.

Vitamin C is water soluble so you want to keep it in your system as much as possible and that is where sustained-release supplements are beneficial, or getting Vitamin C throughout the day. I don’t know how intravenous C infusions work, but read where people do that.

I have taken a Vitamin C sustained released supplement for years, and during the winter and seasonal virus time I usually double what I take. Now it seems like it might be a good idea year round. We also have been using Vitalized Immunity – a supplement that is like getting the equivalent of 16 oranges, along with zinc and some echinacea.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 is one nutrient you must have to build strong immune health.  Research is showing that it is far more important than scientists previously understood. Most of us are deficient in D3 because you can’t get all that you need from your food.

Two things will boost your levels of Vitamin D and they are getting lots of sunshine and/or taking a good quality supplement.

The only way to know for sure what your D levels are is to have your doctor test for them.  Many of the people we work with have low levels and benefit from a supplement. If you are extremely low you may have to take a prescription grade amount.

We have taken a Vitamin D3 supplement for a long time and feel that it makes a difference in our immune system and overall health. We take at least 2,000 iu’s per day. That’s what the latest science is showing. The good news is Vitamin D3 is inexpensive, totally safe to take, and can really help strengthen your immunity.

Green Tea

According to new research from Oregon State University, natural, plant-derived compounds found in green tea have a powerful ability to increase the number of “regulatory T cells” that play a key role in immune function. Pharmaceutical drugs are available that perform similar roles and have been the subject of lots of research, but scientists say they have problems with toxicity.

We drink water most of the day, but do like to have some cold green tea in late morning or early afternoon. It provides energy with less caffeine or added sugara. And if you are looking for an energy boost during the day, a healthy way to get that is with healthy Energy Chews that contain green tea.


70% of the cells that make up your immune system are in your gut. That was enough of a reason for us to take probiotics daily.

If you want to fix your health, a great place to start is with your gut. Healthy gut flora is crucial for optimal gut health and gut bacteria thrive on what you feed them … which means your immune system works best when you get enough “good” bacteria (probiotics).

Not just any probiotic supplement will do the trick, because studies show the live cultures in most probiotics never survive your stomach acid on the way to the gut … making them worthless. Not sure how many times we’ve heard of people taking probiotics for years and don’t get results.

The takeaway is not to be fooled by the number of CFU’s you see on the label. It is absolutely more about the number of live cultures that make it to your intestines.. 

Note: Shaklee’s probiotic, Optiflora DI, gives you 10 billion CFU’s.  That’s 10 billion CFU’s that have been tested and proven to survive stomach acid.


Zinc has been an immune building supplement for a long time and it is being studied for how it can help fight or maybe even prevent the Coronavirus (this is so new that you will have to Google it and read the information as it comes out daily.

Natural Interferon

Do you know about interferon?

Most people are not familiar with what science calls signaling proteins in our bodies called interferon.

This discovery was made in 1954 by world renowned immunologist Dr. Yashuhiko Kojima in Japan. Because interferon directs our immune cells and activates immune responses to help fight off pathogens. It has been referred to as the “brains” behind our immune system.

Unfortunately, as we age our bodies produce less and less interferon, and that’s why our immunity is compromised.

Ask any cancer patient, and they call tell you about interferon because chemo treatment lowers immunity, and the drug form of interferon is often used to boost the immune system. The problem with interferon as a drug is severe side effects.

What if there was natural interferon.

Because following his discovery of interferon and its role in boosting immunity, Dr. Kojima spent 40 years creating a natural, plant-based formula designed to increase the production of interferons we have in our bodies.

The formula he created is an immune building complex called NutriFeron, exclusive to Shaklee. There are four clinical trials that show NutriFeron stimulates every cell in your body to produce more interferon, and strengthen the defense system we already have. And all of that with no side effects.

Nutriferon is the kind of immune building supplement that you can take daily because every cell in your body needs to be healthy to fight off invaders every day.

nutrition for cells

There are lots of choices we can make that are related to keeping a strong immune system. Let’s look at just a few in some major categories.

Stay Away from Toxins

Toxins threaten healthy cells. You may not be able to eliminate all the toxins in your life, but you can control the products you purchase.

Eliminate cleaning products in your home if they are chemical-based and toxic. These chemicals can whack your immune system, and you don’t need them to keep your home or clothing clean.

Evaluate all toxic products you use on your body that have ingredients that can trigger inflammation in your tissues and/or cell membranes. These can include hair care products, skin care products, make-up, fragrances, and other personal care products.

Other products to consider eliminating in your home, because they have toxins and chemicals, are things like synthetic air fresheners, plug-ins, and sprays.

We can show you how to do this.


One important dietary item that you can consider limiting or eliminating is: sugar.

I confess it is hard. In our home we like sugar. Many people are completely addicted.

Did you know sugar decreases your immune system’s ability to function almost immediately by inhibiting the activity of important immune cells?

One study showed the amount of sugar found in just 2 sweetened beverages lowers immune response by 50% for up to five hours. When you think about it this way, it makes you consider a little more what you eat.


Try to get at least 6-8 hours of good sleep every day and manage your stress because both raise cortisol levels in your body. If this becomes chronic you constantly have too much cortisol.

Elevated cortisol levels suppress your immune function. When you sleep, you de-stress and cortisol levels drop. This facilitates repairing cells that are so important for a healthy functioning immune system.


Exercise increases circulation, promotes the elimination of toxins, and helps to move immune cells through your body faster. Try to do some kind of physical activity every day.

If you struggle to be active, it can be helpful to set your cell phone intervals to remind you to keep moving as much as you can.

Exercise also reduces stress, keeps your cortisol levels down, and helps your immune system fight off all types of infection.

Stay Healthy

These are stressful and trying times and we all process that differently. Pay attention to yourself and your body because YOU are your best healthy advocate.

Listen to your body and do some of these things that make a difference and help keep you healthy.

If you have questions, or would like to discuss anything you read here or want to know more about in regard to the Shaklee brand of supplements that we use, please don’t hesitate to reach out any time. 

Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in North America, and the most trusted name in nutrition for more than 60 years.  If you want to know more about who we are, what we believe, and what we stand for, we love to talk about living younger and healthier longer!

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