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Immune System Builders: 3 Powerful Ways to Build Your Immune System

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How do you stay healthy all winter?

Every day stress, poor nutrition and lack of sleep can all challenge your immune system.

And then enter all the extra germs in the winter time.

Your  body is constantly fighting a battle against germs, illnesses, and diseases, whether you realize it or not.  It can be hard to keep from getting sick.

One of the first things you can do is to address the things that keep your immune system strong:  managing stress, feeding your body the nutrition it needs to be healthy, and getting rest to rejuvenate and stay strong.

So how are you going to increase your strength and vitality, and raise your resistance against disease?

It’s all about the choices you  make every day.  Will those choices target your best health, or compromise your immunity?


How Do You Strengthen Your Immune System

  • Feed your cells the nutrients they need
  • Get good sleep
  • Reduce the stress in your life
  • Exercise regularly, even walking more


boost immune system


What all-natural, whole food supplements can help us stay healthy?

We use 3 immune system supplements to boost our immune system.  

2 are used as needed when we feel that first tickle in our throat, or we are exposed to someone who is sick, or we feel extra tired which is a sign we are fighting off something or about to get sick.

A vitamin C blast of 16 Oranges in a fizzy tablet that also has echinacea and zinc has helped us so much fight off illnesses.

Echinacea and some other immune boosting nutrients inside Defend & Resist is another great way to boost our immune system quickly.

Nutriferon is the most powerful immune supplement we have found that can be taken on a daily basis to keep our immune system strong and healthy.



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Your immune system is a complex system of interconnecting cells, tissues and organs that play a central role in your health. Your immune system is designed to recognize foreign invaders and mounts a response to destroy and eliminate these before they cause health issues. Your immune system develops antibodies so that your body can more quickly destroy these invaders should you be exposed to them again. Staying healthy means giving your immune system the help it needs so that it can protect you all year long. Supporting your immune system with great nutrition is one of the best ways to get a leg up in keeping you well.


NutriFeron is an exclusive, patented formula that provides a proprietary blend offour plant extracts designed to naturally increase interferon.  Scientists and medical communities have identified interferon as being crucial to healthy immune function.

When Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima was looking for answers for how the immune system worked he discovered a protein in the body called interferon. Our bodies make three distinct types of interferon: alpha, beta, and gamma.  These forms of interferon are only available separately and only with a prescription.  NutriFeron increases the body’s production of all three types naturally (without side effects).

After 40+ years of research and reviewing thousands of compounds and 200 herbs, Dr. Kojima isolated four herbs that he formulated into NutriFeron to help optimize your natural immune response process without overstimulating it.  That’s important if there is a reason why you don’t want to overstimulate your immune system as you strengthen it.

What Nutriferon does in your body:

  • Provides immune support at the cellular level
  • Designed to naturally increase levels of interferon
  • Is the only dietary supplement in the United States formulated by the discoverer of interferon, world-renowned immunologist Dr. Yashuhiko Koj
  • Has been shown in a laboratory study to naturally increase natural killer (NK) cells

Vitalized Immunity

You may think more about keeping your immune system strong during winter, but your immune system is working hard all of the time.  There are constantly threats of bacteria, infections, viruses, parasites, a fungus, or other environmental challenges that are all around us every day.

Vitalized Immunity is an immune booster that you can take when you are exposed to one of these threats, are feeling tired or run down, are exposed to someone close to you that is sick, or have any other reason why you feel you should give your immune system a boost.

This is a tablet that you dissolve in water and it is like getting the amount of vitamin C in 16 oranges with one serving.  Vitalized Immunity contains zinc and Echinacea as well.  It is sweetened with natural monk juice and has no artificial colors or flavors or sweeteners.

Defend & Resist Complex

If you are wanting to improve your immune system with Echinacea, Defend & Resist Complex is a unique product that can help boost your resistance to colds and flu, yeast and bladder infections and other infections.

The other ingredients in Defend & Resist Complex are Larchtree that helps boost Echinacea effects Elderberry extract that contains antioxidants that help increase the immune response Zinc that has long been associated with a stronger immune function

You take Echinacea when you are exposed to someone close to you that is sick, or have symptoms yourself including being overly tired (a sign of an illness coming on). Chances are you may not get sick at all. If you do get a cold you can still start taking Echinacea right away to help shorten the duration.

You can also take Echinacea on a cyclical basis to boost your immune system. As an example, two ways would be to take for two weeks and then one week off or take for 10 days and 5 days off. You can swallow the tablets whole, chew and swallow, let dissolve in your mouth like a lozenge, or drink it in hot tea.

All three of these immune boosting supplements are excellent in delivering results.

Two you would have in your medicine cabinet for when you need them, and Nutriferon can be taken year round if you feel you need a strong immune building supplement.


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