Immune System Facts Can Help Us Build Health

Researching some immune system facts that are readily available to us, and targeting some proven ways to improve our immune systems, can help us as we face seasonal challenges. I am a believer in building good health by the lifestyle choices we make including trying to eat healthy and supplementing our diets.

Note that I said ‘trying to eat healthy’ because we live in a fast-paced, busy world. It is not always easy to eat healthy. Even if we do, we know that we don’t get the same nutrients that we used to get from our foods. Pair that with the fact that we have more stress, sleep less, weigh more, get less exercise, and did I mention more stress?

Ok.. it’s not all bad. Some of us do exercise regularly or eat well. Still, we all have some of these challenges in our lives. On the flip side, we have a lot of solid, scientific information and immune system facts out there to help us do better, and to help us build better health.  There is a website worth checking out to learn more about the immune system:

We have been hearing a lot about the swine flu, or H1N1 virus, because of its appearance this past year and also because of the outbreak in other parts of the world recently (during their winter). From what I have learned, the swine flu is going to threaten young children and young adults under age 25 the most. This age group has not built up any immunity against it over their life time like scientists feel that adults have.

To me, this means to step it up and work harder at building good health and a better immune system to fight all viruses, infection, illness and disease. I already do stay faithful to a daily nutrition program and it has helped me have great overall health. Rarely do I get sick and I have enough energy every day and feel good every day. When I look around, that’s not the case for many folks. There are some serious health challenges that affect many people every day, and annoying common illnesses that seem to affect some people often.  Plus, viruses like H1N1 are scary to everyone, including me.

Scientists, and the immune system facts that they have provided us, have known about interferon and its role in boosting our immune system for a long time. It took the same scientist who discovered interferon back in 1954 40 years of research to develop a natural interferon supplement that would not have the terrible side effects of interferon medicine.

The immune system is the human body’s defense against virus, bacteria, infection, and more. It is very complex and beyond the scope of this blog to explain. We can’t help but be in awe of the immune system facts we know. Cells, tissues, and organs work together to try and keep foreign invaders from making us sick. We all have what is called an immune response that initiate our own attack against what is trying to hurt us. Unfortunately, we don’t all have strong, healthy immune systems all of our lives.

As remarkable as our immune systems function most of the time, autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus can happen when the immune system malfunctions and actually attacks itself. Also, immune system facts that we can use to educate ourselves tell us that there are known factors that will weaken our immune systems. Age, stress, lack of restful sleep, poor diet, lack of exercise can all contribute to compromise the efficient way our bodies should fight illness.

How do we activate our immune system and how can we build a better immune system? Immune system facts tell us that interferon is a powerful chemical that is produced by our cells and has the ability to boost our immune system’s ability to identify other cells that can make us ill.

Natural interferon supplements boost the body’s natural production of interferon and we already know from our immune system facts that interferon is critical to healthy immune function. This clinically proven, powerful natural interferon supplement can provide immune support right at the cellular level where the first line of defense is performed.

In addition to natural interferon helping us build our immune systems, we can’t ignore the daily diets and lifestyles that can be associated with weakening our immune systems. In regard to the nutrition in our daily foods, well-balanced diets with lots of fruit, vegetables, low fat dairy and whole grains are advised for healthy immune function. Low fat is mentioned because research tells us that reducing fat may increase immune activity.

Studies have shown that people who take multivitamins on a regular basis are sick less. I have always agreed with this and did not need studies to confirm it. I know that it works to take vitamins because I know that my family does not get sick much, and also that we do not get all of our vitamins and minerals from our foods. Even if we try, our busy lifestyles and the way that food is manufactured now combine to give good testament to the fact that we need to supplement.

Immune system facts have given us many answers that can help us as individuals to make good choices in regard to our health. We can choose to learn how to manage stress, get good sleep, exercise more (don’t even have to go to the gym), eat a healthy diet, and supplement with a pharmaceutical grade natural vitamin or nutrition program. Making these choices helps us build good health, and better functioning immune systems, so that we can fight the challenges to our good health all year long.

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