Lecithin to Burn Fat

lecithin weight management

I have taken Lecithin for years, and for a variety of reasons.  I first heard about Lecithin being a natural fat burner a long time ago.  Upon doing my own research, I feel that Lecithin is nature’s fat emulsifier, or a fat gobbler if you will.

What Lecithin does is to help break down the fats that we eat, and cholesterol and triglycerides as well.  Not only does it help me keep my arteries clean with these fat benefits, but it also helps me to manage my weight.  Personally (have not confirmed the science on this), I think that Lecithin, in combination with the Protein Smoothees (with Leucine that helps you lose fat and keep muscle) that I have every morning, is the best way that I can start the day with the mission to burn fat, manage calories, and maintain a healthy weight and shape (losing belly fat is all over the news and is the worst fat health-wise).

If helping with weight and burning fat is not enough, Lecithin has lots of other benefits.  I have worked with people in regard to carpel tunnel, tendinitis, and other related challenges who have pain and want to avoid surgery (not a life threatening illness so many folks opt to address it with natural solutions that don’t have side effects that ongoing pain meds can produce).

A combination of certain amounts of B-Complex and Lecithin (only speaking from experience with my brand*) have resulted in some fantastic results that have made these people very happy.  Both B vitamins and Lecithin have an impact on the nerves in your body – they are nutrients your nerves like!

Acting as food for both your nerves and your brain, think of Lecithin as an insulater for your nerves so that they function better.  This means that it can help with pain, act as a natural tranquilizer, and improve your memory and brain function.

The Lecithin I use is in the form of a soft gel and I take it with food.  From what I understand, taking B’s with it helps it to work even better than it does alone.

Other benefits associated with taking Lecithin on a daily basis:  helps with excess fat already in the body by breaking it down for elimination, helps with dry, brittle hair and dry skin and scalp, helps if you bruise easily or have black & blue spots, poor memory, gall stones and kidney stones.  Lecithin is a fundamental part of all cells – it is in the outer layer of every cell and helps them to function better.  It is also a very easy ingredient to supplement every day to make sure that your body has enough and that it can help you with all the benefits we discussed.


*These statements have not be endorsed by Shaklee Corporation but are the sole testimony of an individual.

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