Live Longer AND Live Healthier

To Live Longer is a goal for many. But we don’t just want to grow old. We want to be healthy as we enjoy those extended years, with vitality, improved health, better physical shape and overall well-being.

The first step to improving health is providing our bodies with optimal nutrition to build good health. Since we have known for many years now that most of us do not get that nutrition from our daily diets, we need to supplement with vitamins, minerals, and sometimes herbal products.

Our next step can now be the revolutionary, breakthrough cellular anti-aging tonic that was introduced a short time ago to help us live longer. Resveratrol was first discovered in 1940 but remained relatively unknown for the next 50+ years when research linked it with heart benefits. Since that time there has been a great deal of research that has led to the association with aging benefits.

An optimal amount of resveratrol has been proven to extend life in the laboratory. This brand has taken that research to a new level with a more pure and natural form of resveratrol that is different from most sources on the market today that produce unwanted tolerance problems. That purest form which has been acquired by this brand results in resveratrol content that is no less than 98%.

In addition to greatly improving the resveratrol ingredient, polyphenols from a super grape are part of the formulation of this cellular tonic. As with many other products from this brand, the unique formulation is responsible for the ingredients enhancing each other’s effects and producing a more potent supplement that delivers greater benefits.

For more information on how the body ages and why our anti-aging tonic can impact that aging, please visit the brand site (blue link) and feel free to forward this link or pass along the news to someone you know that would like to live longer.

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