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When You Look Younger, You Feel Younger

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Do you take notice when someone you meet or you are talking with, or perhaps a friend, looks especially good? Maybe you are even thinking that he or she looks younger, and you start to feel some of his or her energy rubbing off on you.

And when you look in the mirror and see yourself looking pretty good, doesn’t it make you also feel younger – with some extra energy in your step?

Alternatively, do you ever look in the mirror and think:  ‘When did that face become my face?’

look and feel young

Looking younger can help you feel younger.

How do you look younger? Of course there are the important things of taking care of your health so that you don’t age prematurely or look older than you are because you don’t look healthy.

Prevention measures like getting enough sleep, managing stress, limiting sun exposure, not smoking, and eating well can all contribute to how young or how old you are.

And then there is Skin Care using products like creams and serums and other anti-aging nutrients.

A very important factor that contributes to how young you look is your body’s largest organ: your skin.

When you are wrinkled up, leathered up, or you have lost skin firmness or skin tone, you may look older than your age – and you probably feel older.

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Keeping Your Skin Young

Last week was like taking a skin care course, learning about the different layers of skin and how to take care of your skin with revolutionary new products that deliver anti aging benefits all the way down to the cellular level.

Skin cells age like all of your cells and there are ways to prevent their aging the same as you do with the rest of your body’s cells – getting the right nutrition to all of your cells to help you be healthier and prevent aging.

So if you want to feel younger, you can reverse engineer that desire by targeting looking younger. And you can do that by treating your skin to an anti aging regimen that will help you take a decade off your age.

Looking Younger Proof

The Anti Aging Skin Care regimen that we learned about is The Shaklee Corporation’s new ‘Look Younger Longer’ system called, Youth.

Fantastic results in studies of women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s showed that 100% of the women looked younger after using Youth for 60 days. And 2/3 of the women shifted down a whole decade!

How would you like to look 10 years younger?

look 10 years younger

I have trusted my skin to Shaklee skincare products for over 20 years and have always liked the results that I received.

Youth takes facial skincare to a whole new level. Shaklee has never had such an advanced anti-aging skin care regimen, and it has taken the company 8 years to perfect Youth.

I was so excited to start using it and took my ‘Before’ picture before starting. I would be very excited to have you use Youth as well – and share your results!

I encourage you to take your ‘Before’ picture as well.

There is a link below to learn more about the individual products and benefits of using Youth, and remember there is the same Shaklee guarantee that applies to the nutrition products – 100% money back if for any reason you are not satisfied.

To learn more about losing a decade visit: Youth.

Youth Look Younger Longer


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