Is Low Energy Related to Nutrition Deficiencies or Medications Including Birth Control Pills That We Take Every Day?

For some reason many of us rely more on doctors, and the medical industry in general, for our health.  When we are tired for an extended period of time, or have low energy, we go to the doctor.  I have heard more in the past year, than in the 10 or 20 before, that blood test results are showing these people have nutrition deficiencies.  The most common that I hear about are the b vitamins or magnesium.

We also know that certain illnesses and quite a few medications also cause nutrients to be depleted by our bodies to the extent that we don’t have enough of them to have overall good health.  Fatigue, low energy and more serious lifestyle related side effects can result from inadequate nutrients available for our bodies to use.  We need these vitamins and minerals to have enough energy and to be healthy.

Many teenage girls and women take birth control pills.  Did you know that these oral contraceptives are associated with many changes in the body, including using up many of the body’s nutrients.  B-Complex is one of those nutrients and is also needed by the cells to produce energy.  Vitamin C, beta carotene, zinc, and magnesium can all be depleted as well when taking birth control pills.  This creates an important reason for girls and women who use them to supplement with vitamins and minerals every day.

Anti-diabetes drugs, high blood pressure drugs, high cholesterol drugs, estrogen replacement therapy meds, anti-inflammatory meds, antidepressants and antibiotics can all cause nutrition deficiencies.  While these drugs are necessary for many people, so are the nutrients they deplete in the body.

We have known for years that certain vitamins and minerals, in addition to helping us feel energized, might also actually prevent serious diseases such as high blood pressure.  Most people eat for taste and not not nutrition.  Even if we do choose our food more in terms of healthy choices, there are various factors that result in the fact that we don’t always get enough of the nutrients that our bodies need every day.  All of these factors should point us in the direction of taking vitamins and minerals every day, the same as we take our medications.

Vitamins and minerals help us build good health in different ways.  They help us prevent illness and disease in different ways as well.  Vitamins and minerals give us energy and overall sense of well being.  In order to have the insurance that we get all of the vitamins and minerals we need to fight off most of the health challenges we are exposed to, the best thing to do is to stay faithful to a daily nutrition program that supplements the food we eat.

Even the former director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Bernadine Healy, stated (years ago) that, “Whatever the RDA (recommended daily amount of nutrients we get from our food that is suggested for good health) or the medical community may recommend officially, I will tell you that increasing numbers of medical professionals are, themselves, taking supplements of these vitamins.  I take supplements of calcium, the antioxidant vitamins, and a multi-vitamin.  My husband and children also take vitamins.”

Since the time that statement was made, other vitamins and nutrients that have become important to supplement (in addition to calcium, antioxidants Vitamin C, E and beta carotene, and multi-vitamins) are:  magnesium, fish oil (for inflammation related challenges), probiotics, and B vitamins.


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2 thoughts on “Is Low Energy Related to Nutrition Deficiencies or Medications Including Birth Control Pills That We Take Every Day?”

  1. The pill also raises copper levels and causes hormonal imbalance, which Dr. John Lee called “estrogen dominance”. These two things cause havoc to the woman’s moods and mental well-being.

  2. The recommended routine to stay healthy is keeping a strict diet, proper exercise and intake of food supplements. Yet, there is a simpler alternative by consuming food grade diatomaceous earth (or DE) .

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