Metabolism Calculator

metabolism calculator

As you age, you lose muscle, and it can be very challenging to keep from putting on extra weight – body fat.  Did you know: the time you reach 40 years of age, your metabolism starts to slow down 5% every decade

That fact can make maintaining a healthy weight hard to do.

Calorie Intake

Your calorie intake every day, in order to NOT GAIN WEIGHT is determined by your metabolism and activity level.  Your physical activity can help you burn more calories.

Dr. Oz posted a metabolism calculator on his website and we are sharing that link here.

“To begin, you need to figure out your metabolic rate based on your age, height, weight and activity level. This data will help determine how may calories your body can consume before you actually start putting on weight. Then you’ll learn how to adjust that number so you can boost your metabolism and start losing pounds.”

Knowing numbers like these can help you reach a healthy weight, maintain that weight, and be building better health that decreases your risks for illness and disease related to aging.

Find your number and use it to your benefit!


Metabolism Calculator

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