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We have our Mission Within a Mission available to college students all over the country.

If you come on board, you won’t only CHANGE YOUR LIFE – you will help many other people as well. 

We are a FEEL-GOOD business that is life changing for you, the entrepreneur, and everyone you network with in your business.






*Our mission is to help you have a better life by partnering and teaching you how to earn another stream of income. We are REAL people growing our own business.

*And we are using that mission in combination with a bigger mission to impact the Student Debt problem where graduates can’t pay their school loans.

*Establish a new income source RIGHT NOW to help with expenses during college, and help pay your school loans later (and a lot more if you choose).



What is one of the top pieces of advice you are given when thinking about your first job after college?

Chances are it’s:  NETWORK.

Network with people you know, and seek to meet new people to network, and something may very well come from it later – when you are graduating and ready to begin your first job.

The business model that we use, from the very company that INVENTED IT back in the 1950’s, is networking.

That’s right, our founder was a man far ahead of his time both in his business model and in the products he developed (more on that in a minute).

Networking actually takes the pressure off of ‘selling’. 

Selling may not be a deterrent for you, but many people do not like selling.

The truth is that every business that produces income involves some kind of selling, some exchange of product or service.

Selling itself does not have to be associated with a high pressure task that you have a dislike for or bad experience in the past.

When you NETWORK you share information and resources that can help people. People either want to try or they don’t, but there is no high pressure or any kind of pressure.

When the resources you share are not only proven to work (solve a problem/give results), but also 100% guaranteed, the only task that is involved is to keep networking.

What we really like about this business model is that it offers the exact same opportunity to anyone who works their business. There is nobody keeping you from moving to the next level in your work, from advancing in rank.

There are no limiting top positions such as one manager, one CEO, one CFO, etc. As an entrepreneur, you are the CEO of your own business.

YOU have the opportunity to stay as small or grow as big as YOU CHOOSE.



Every successful business is based on the PRODUCT (or service) that is offered, and in and industry that is growing.

People who buy our products keep buying them because they WORK.

Our products are the very best and the most researched and proven-to-work in the industry.

Our products are CONSUMABLE and that means that they are reordered, and you continue to earn income.

As you keep working your business AND have reorders, your income really begins to grow.

It helps when the resources are not only proven to work (solve a problem/give results) but also 100% guaranteed.



You Can USE YOUR MOBILE PHONE to run your entire business and to Earn Significant Income while still in school.

Since our MOBILE PHONES is where our attention is these days, it is a huge benefit to be able to operate a complete business from your phone.

The people that you network with spend significant time on their phones and you can share information that they can access right on their device.

The technology is designed to be very easy to use as a benefit to you being able to grow your business without worrying about marketing, or handouts, or anything besides sending a link or document and the VERY IMPORTANT TASK OF FOLLOWING UP with the responses you get.

The follow up is inside your mobile phone as well.

In addition to being able to access most any kind of information you will need inside your mobile device, you will also have access to some simple reading each week via email. This is very valuable if you want to learn more about how the products work, what makes them so unique, how they change people’s lives every single day, and in a very easy to read format. Just take the 5 minutes or so and read the info you get, and over time you become very acclimated to your new resources and your business.

If that is not enough, you have direct support from us as you build your business. With 36+ years product experience and many years working the business side as well, we are here to support you in any way that you need.

The company also has direct product and business support – so you are covered in multiple ways – even though this business is VERY EASY to do and you may never need support.



We talked about our mission within a mission.

Our main mission is networking and helping people. Our company has been doing this for 62 years and CONTINUES TO GROW.

We mentioned that our founder was a man far ahead of his time. Not only has his company flourished for these 62 years, but the majority of the world is only recently interested in the industry he put stock in many years ago:  the health and wellness industry.

NOW is a perfect time to join our mission and start networking to change YOUR LIFE.

The ‘mission within a mission’ is our desire to help college students avoid the student loan repayment fiasco that is currently happening in the U.S. It may end up bigger than the mortgage crash that hurt our country’s and many people’s finances.

Graduates can’t pay their loans and are deferring or defaulting on them.

It feels a whole lot better to be able to pay your loans, and earn whatever income you want from your own business. In fact, it’s LIFE CHANGING.

If you would like to EARN INCOME and help people be healthier, with clinically proven, 100% guaranteed products, from the #1 natural nutrition company in America, you are welcome to start networking and start earning NOW.

Start earning the income NOW that will pay you forever.

Having multiple streams of income makes your life easier. It gives you an alternative for running out of money before you run out of month, or to do the extra things in life that your regular paycheck doesn’t cover.

If you choose to start networking, as an entrepreneur working for your own business, you can partner with our team who is part of a bigger company that not only has a 100 year legacy, but also keeps up with the times by maintaining their leadership in the industry, in science, in research, and in being on the cutting edge of business technology.


  1. We work with the #1 company in our industry
  2. The products are 100% guaranteed to work (or your money back) and this is how we keep happy customers.
  3. You can do all of your business from your PHONE and on your own time (no punching time clocks).
  4. This is an easy business to do, but you do have to put some time in.
  5. This is a simple business to do, and we do have training and personal support.


Our company is one of the founders of our business model. The way we make income is truly amazing.


  1. You are in control of how much you earn.
  2. You only earn money by helping others.
  3. Your life is changed forever if you support your business by buying from your own business.
  4. You work in an exploding industry.
  5. The company you partner with has the highest integrity and



This business is a perfect fit for the busy college student. Simply target some time each week, using your phone to work your business.

It’s not for everyone, but for those who truly get scope of the opportunity, there may be no better business model or income potential that exists for anyone – regardless of education, connections, or resources.

The products behind the business are items people already use in their everyday lives and they are superior made products. They are easily shared through networking, and they are unique in that they work very effectively with a 100% guarantee to back up their efficacy.

You can have it as a second income source forever if you choose, or you can make it your full time income if you are inspired to do so.

The question becomes:  are you ready to get to work?

We walk you through how to get started.

We have sample plans that you can follow if you want to target a certain income within a certain time period.

We can hook you up with all kinds of training, including personal support and training – or you can simply GRAB YOUR PHONE AND START NETWORKING.

We have personally used the products for over 36 years and love working with younger entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Start A Business


We have put specific information on the next page. There are also videos from corporate that share more about the company philosophy, reputation, and vision – all are so inspiring and are what keeps us associated with this brand.

We can not imagine life without this company and the products – they have been a huge part of our lives for 36 years and, most important, keep us healthy, living younger and even looking younger.

Decide if you are up for a new challenge and interested in owning your own business.

You need to be coachable.

You can target a small, time commitment – but it must be consistent each week.

You can start right away on your entrepreneurial journey, earning money immediately.

If you choose, we can show you a business plan that would show what’s involved to take you to your desired income level.

To learn more about ‘What’s Involved’ and ‘How Do You Earn Income’, go here:  Entrepreneurs Earning Asset Income.