Nutrition For Your Skin

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Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ? It’s one of the first things I remember hearing when I started to learn about natural nutrition. You may think of your face primarily when you think about skin care and beauty, but there is a lot of skin all over your body to keep beautiful.

In the summer (and really year-round) we protect our skin from the sun and in the winter from becoming dry, chapped, rough or flaky. And then there are those dark spots we get as we age.

Here are some nutrients that can benefit your skin. It’s interesting to learn just what they do so that you can choose food with more of the vitamins and minerals that can benefit you personally or target some natural nutrition supplements to help.


Helps build new cells and new skin. Your body can not make your own protein – you have to eat it. Plant-based protein supplements are lean, have less hormonal disturbances, less cholesterol and less acid.


Helps reduce stress reactions in your skin. That can include lip problems such as cracked lips at the corners, canker sores, and shingles. Helps balance skin if it is too oily or too dry.

Vitamin C

Builds collagen and resiliency in your skin. Helps resist infection and prevent wrinkles and saggy skin. Environmental factors and stress deplete Vitamin C in your body and deficiencies can increase skin problems and allergies.

Vitamin E

Helps fight free radicals and the aging process. Use to help tone muscles and improve elasticity. Improves circulation, can help relieve itchiness. Can help improve skin that is leathery.


Plumps the skin and is beneficial to nerves and skin function. Can help eczema. Helps provide essential fatty acids to your skin so that it can stay soft and supple.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Helps provide essential fatty acids to your skin (especially needed if you are on a low fat diet). Can be very helpful with psoriasis.


Has healing properties. Beneficial to immune system. Can help acne. Aids collagen production for your skin.


Helps keep your skin healthy by providing Vitamin A in a form that is stored in your body’s cells, not just in the liver.

Immune Builders

Natural Interferon can help balance your body’s immune response to environmental irritants such as free radicals and airborne pollutants.


Detoxifying herbs help with proper elimination to get rid of toxins that an affect your skin. Milk thistle helps improve liver function that can result in less age spots that come from a sluggish liver.

nutrition for skin

Now that you know about some of the best nutrients for your skin, what will your nutrition mission be for your skin?

If you can’t get enough of the nutrients your skin needs through your diet, and most of us don’t, there is always the choice to take daily all-natural supplements that are created as close to the way the nutrients are found in food as possible.

Remember that all nutrition supplements are not created equal. Your most important mission is to find a brand that will provide you thing information that guarantees what is stated on the label is in the product – in the same amounts, as high quality ingredients that will provide results because your body is able to absorb and utilize the nutrients in the supplements.

If your body is not able to absorb the nutrients, you can’t get the benefit.

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