Prevention of Disease

In regard to the expression, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” there really are measurable results with supplementation for the Prevention of Disease.  There is research that shows prevention is a very cost-effective way to maintain your health.

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We all know that ‘getting well’ with modern medicine is quite expensive, and health care costs are rising every day.  While there is a definite need and place for medicine, there are also many horror stories of bad meds, interactions, and just not getting results.

A report presented to the Federal Government back in 1997 surprised just about everyone who read it.  Milton Copulos, president of the National Defense Council Foundation (NDCF), was hired to consult on ways to reduce the cost of providing health care to the military.  Most thought he would recommend things like hospital closings or consolidations, wage cuts, etc.  Instead, he proposed increasing the health of active and retired military with an anti-aging program that included supplementation.

It is tough to try and decipher various research and clinical trials that are conducted in regard to supplementing and preventive care.  People get upset when they open the newspaper and read headlines about a new study that shows vitamins don’t make a difference in better health.  Many times the groups tested are too small to draw significant conclusions, the results are often hard to read and can be manipulated, and medical trials rarely involve healthy people. 

There are clinical trials that have produced some great results for antioxidant use as primarily preventive.  The Harvard Heart Study concluded that the group who took Vitamin E supplements for at least two years had 41 percent less hearth disease.  With the amount of heart disease present today, this is very significant.  I am amazed at the amount of times just in the last six months that I heard about someone who had heart disease diagnosed during totally unrelated pre-op testing.  It is scary that many folks don’t know they have it and yet it is serious enough that medication (or surgery) is needed before the first operation can be performed, if at all.

Supplementing can be a confusing thing because there are many choices and we have to choose which will benefit each of us.  While there is a lot of information ‘out there’ it is still a fact that supplements are not regulated so this means a couple of things.  First, you have to do your homework and make sure the company produces a quality product with quality ingredients that will give you the results you desire.  It helps is there is solid research and science behind that particular brand, not that the company settles to use generic research.  Also, there is the safety issue that results from no regulation.  Finally, there is the push to sell something that the consumer may not understand or need.  It helps to choose a company that will give personal service, put you in touch with good information to evaluate, and which produces a safe, quality, effective supplement.

I invite you to contact me anytime to discuss this Shaklee brand of supplements.  We have the science, the safety, the quality ingredients, and the tools to share these preventive supplements so that you can choose the exact product(s) that are right for you.

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