100 Glasses of Red Wine Per Day or 1 Teaspoon of Resveratrol

Or more specifically, the ‘effect’ of 100 glasses of wine each day?

Resveratrol, a natural substance found in red wine, has been shown in scientific laboratory testing to impact cellular aging.

Last winter Barbara Walters had a television special about anti-aging research. The world’s most famous scientific expert on anti-aging discussed with Barbara Walters the exciting new research that taps into the particular genes that protect us against aging. This very same doctor helped develop our brand of resveratrol (not the others on the market that use his name and research). Since his research on an anti-aging pharmaceutical product is still years away from the market, he found the science and quality our brand to be worthy of creating a natural supplement for people to start using right away.


The number one natural nutrition company in the United States has spent years of scientific research on such a complex resveratrol product. The result is a cellular anti-aging tonic that combines the optimal amount of resveratrol with other unique ingredients, from a super grape, to make a cellular tonic that represents a revolutionary breakthrough in anti-aging research.

Resveratrol from this brand, in a cold-extracted optimal amount, combined with a unique profile of polyphenols from a special grape that is the only one in nature to have an extra chromosome, is unique to any product in the world. That extra chromosome is associated with impacting the aging process the same as resveratrol. However, simply having the beneficial ingredients is not sufficient. The formulation and the purity are key to delivering results that provide benefits.

To learn more about living 25 (quality) years longer and feeling 25 years younger, please visit the home of the world’s first cellular anti-aging tonic.

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