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Resveratrol: My Favorite Anti Aging Supplement

vivix resveratrol and polyphenols

My favorite anti-aging supplement is resveratrol. The one I use has other nutrients included for an even better effect than resveratrol alone.

Vivix – resveratrol and more! It is designed to help keep your cells vital and strong to fight the diseases of aging.  Remember the health of your cells directly affects your overall health. Your cells are damaged constantly from environmental exposure.  You can even have inflammatory responses from the food that you eat forming free radicals and damaging cells.

Vivix is a natural blend of resveratrol and other polyphenols that help neutralize free radicals before they do their damage.  Vivix also protects and repairs your DNA, and helps slow down the aging process in your body at the cellular level.

DNA protect and repair

Are you familiar with the term telomere?  Research around telomeres is evolving and is fascinating as part of our anti aging plan.  If you are not familiar, telomeres are protective caps of repetitive DNA at the end of your chromosomes.  Longer telomeres equals longer, healthy living.  The results you can get from Vivix includes a 40% lower rate of your telomeres shortening as you age.

This is like saying that an 80 year old Vivix (Shaklee) user would have the same telomere length as a 41 year old.

When you compare Vivix to a resveratrol alone supplement, it is 13 times more powerful in slowing the formation of AGE proteins that lead to cell damage.

Resveratrol is made from red wine and its purpose is to help you live longer by making your cells healthier to fight the diseases of aging. Right now it is available in a natural supplement form, though there is aggressive research being done to make a pharmaceutical resveratrol form.

The serving size of Vivix (the brand I use) is only 1 teaspoon per day and it is equal to the resveratrol in 100 glasses of red wine. That’s because Shaklee combines resveratrol with polyphenols from the ‘super’ muscadine grape and the combination is 10 times more powerful than resveratrol alone.

Vivix is:

  • Triple patented
  • A natural patented blend of powerful polyphenols
  • Immense antioxidant power
  • Based on muscadine grape–one of nature’s rarest, most potent fruits
  • Patented extraction process preserves bioactive polyphenol

Benefits you can feel right away taking Vivix:

  • improve focus and alertness
  • improve Sleep
  • increase energy
  • lower blood pressure and triglycerides
  • balance blood sugar levels

Benefits you receive long term taking Vivix:

  • repairs cellular DNA
  • positively impacts genetic regulators to help turn down aging
  • promotes mitochondrial biogenesis to increase power production within cells

vivx muscadine grape

There are over 1800 scientific research studies on resveratrol. In addition to working at the cellular level to fight the diseases that age our cells, including cancer, resveratrol reduces inflammation in your body and improves insulin sensitivity. There are heart benefits as well, and remember that inflammation is associated with being one of the causes of many different illnesses.

What is different about Vivix

One of the things that sets Shaklee food supplements apart is how they combine ingredients in formulations that are unique, with the different nutrients working together to make each work even better than they would alone. This is how we get such great healthy results!

Shaklee did their own research – and they considered the fact that resveratrol impacts three different (major) mechanisms of cellular aging. What they decided to do was add a patent pending polyphenol blend to their resveratrol, including a nutrient that is backed by over 1200 published studies.

So when Shaklee combined their high quality source of resveratrol, the purest and most potent natural resveratrol available, with the polyphenol blend they developed, it made the resveratrol blend 13 times more effective than resveratrol alone. Shaklee invested years of research to locate and isolate the unique blend of potent plant phytochemicals that could protect and repair cellular DNA, and address the factors that make our cells age.

Vivix is a cellular anti-aging tonic – a natural dietary supplement that combines resveratrol with a patent-pending plant extract to fight cellular aging.

The recommended serving of Vivix is one teaspoon a day, or 2 liqui-gel tablets, taken preferably with breakfast or lunch. I have always liked grape-like flavors of liquid and have used the liquid form of Vivix, but for the last few years I have exclusively used the liqui-gel tabs that are more convenient to me. I do know some people who love that liquid and will only use that, so definitely an individual preference.

Vivix does not have artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or added preservatives.

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