Safe Weight Loss For Seniors & All At Risk for Diabetes

Diet Cycle

Safe weight loss for seniors and for the general population was a topic of discussion at the national conference I attended this past week. We heard updated stats on overweight and obesity. We heard about the rates of developing diabetes and the devastation it can cause to your health. We know that people start and stop diets constantly.

At a time when we know so much more about how to be healthy and fight the diseases of aging, why is it not working?

I guess there are many factors if we are honest about it. But certainly at the top of the list is our diets. And right behind that is our lifestyles. We eat poorly and we are stressed and we don’t get enough restful sleep. Not good.

If you are reading this and these concerns are not part of your life: first, that’s great! And second, there is a very high chance that you know multiple people that do have these issues. It’s the law of numbers and currently the numbers are scary.

Safe Weight Loss

So what do we do to maintain a healthy weight? How can we achieve safe weight loss and avoid diabetes or other chronic illnesses. What does safe weight loss for seniors look like?

Today I began a review of a new program that promotes just 7 minutes of workout three times each week, with the theory that your body needs the rest of the time to recover while it also builds lean muscle mass and sheds fat. The program creator stated that in order for this program to work successfully, you had to have a high protein, high fiber daily diet. He said that if you have that, you will naturally eat less of the unhealthy carbs that wreak havoc on your insulin levels that lead to diabetes.

safe weight loss for seniors

I admit that I like the idea of only doing 7 minutes of exercise 3 times a week. It’s not that I hate it, I simply have a hard time fitting it in. With summer coming to an end and the reality that I will be outside less, and walk outside less, I will be forced to do most physical activity indoors – that also isn’t as motivating to me.

In regard to protein and fiber, I believe in the health benefits of both. I know that most of us don’t get enough fiber and may not get enough protein every day. At some point during the day I have a Cinch Shake that has healthy servings of both. It’s quick and easy, tastes good and I know I can count on 16 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber with only 200 or so calories (depends how I mix it each time).

Lean Healthy Protein and Dietary Fiber

Many times when you are trying to get a lot of protein in your foods, you are also getting too many calories. A soy protein shake can solve that problem by letting one of your 3 daily meals be this low calorie, high protein alternative.

We started eating a great tasting fiber cereal a few years ago and one serving of that is about 11 grams of fiber.  Eating an apple, with about 3 grams of fiber, a day has been a long time healthy suggestion.  You don’t have to eat it as a meal either. You can keep it in a bag, bowl or some kind of container and eat it dry as a snack. It’s much healthier than most processed carb/snack foods and not too high in calories either.

Fiber Supplements

Fiber supplements are also great to use because, again, you can count on the grams you get as part of your gram goal for the day. It is easy to take with a meal and also helps satisfy your hunger so you eat less at the meal. Choose a high quality fiber supplement because you want to feed your body the best so you get back the best!

When you target more protein that regulates your blood sugar well, you aren’t hungry in between meals and your digestion isn’t as fast as it is with carbs. Many carbohydrates digest too fast in your body and raise your insulin levels too high. Only so much insulin is needed to store as glycogen, for energy, in your cells – and so the excess will be stored in your fat cells. If you continue a high carb (low protein and fiber) diet, your receptors become used to the amount of insulin and will keep releasing high amount of insulin. This can lead to diabetes and definitely doesn’t feel good in regard to energy levels, mood, or quality of life.

Weight Loss for Diabetes

Fiber helps your digestive process and can also make you feel better and more energized between meals. When you add fiber to your meals, it mixes with your food and automatically lowers the glycemic index (sugar measure) of your meal. The lower the glycemic index of food, the lower your blood sugar will be.

The lower your blood sugar the better in preventing diabetes, managing it or even reversing type two non insulin dependent diabetes. I am still reviewing this program of on 7 minutes of exercise and the suggested diet to go with it, though I know I believe in optimal amounts of healthy, low calorie protein and increasing fiber. I also believe that smart food choices, cutting portion sizes and getting some kind of physical activity can be what many people need to maintain a healthy weight for their bodies. These are good for safe weight loss for seniors and everyone at risk for developing Diabetes.

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