Spring Break or Spring Build: Choosing To Be An Entrepreneur

It’s that time of year. Spring Break.

For college students that can mean traveling someplace warm and getting a little crazier than is the norm during the school year.

But not for all.

We are going through an Entrepreneurship boom right now, and some young people actually stayed behind to work on their ventures.

At a time when more college debt is being accumulated than ever before, as well as more defaults, there are new frontiers being explored by some of Generation Z.

While they may be in the minority right now, they are choosing to build something of their own as they pursue their education.


A path to pay for school as they go. A path to put school on hold and build a sustainable business. A path to building income, while still in school, that is going to pay off any debt and establish an income before graduation.


I don’t know about you but I am encouraged with these kinds actions.

And it’s not only young Gen Z men and women. Children to adults of every age are choosing Entrepreneurship in some form or fashion.

Become an Entrepreneur

I do believe that right here in 2018 we have a huge opportunity for entrepreneurship if you so desire.

And just as impressive is that it’s not a cookie cutter thing. You can choose what you want to do.

  • Maybe you are good on camera and want to create a YouTube channel, or video content for Facebook or Instagram.
  • Maybe you like to write and want to start documenting what you know on a blog or other medium such as here on Medium.
  • Maybe you always loved radio and want to start a podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Anchor or your favorite channel.

Or maybe pictures or images are where your passion lies. Pretty much every platform likes images today – it’s not only Instagram or Pinterest.



It doesn’t matter how you want to deliver your content, the format is there for you. And these formats are primarily free, although it is important to note that you don’t ever want to build your business only on a free platform.

Secure some kind of real estate online that is yours. That you control. That cannot be taken from you. Most of the time that means to have your own website even if you choose to work primarily on a social media account.

You can go it alone in your entrepreneurship endeavor, or you can join with an existing group that has a product or service that you would like to represent.

There are opportunities everywhere to join a home-based business through an established group. And what’s cool about that is that you are still building your own business if you partner with a successful company.


Start a Business

  • We are at a time in history where being an employee has changed. There are fewer opportunities to start working with a company that offers full benefits, and then stay with that company for 30 or 40 years.
  • We are at a time in history where more people are running out of money before they run out of month.
  • We are at a time in history where there is so much to discover in the world and the lists of dreams and goals can be very long – but you need money for these experiences, travel, fun.

Now for all those who aren’t looking for money, we are also at a time in history where you can either volunteer or better yet start a business around making a difference in your community or in the world.

That business can be a source of income for whatever you want to do with it – pay the bills, fulfill goals and dreams, or donate to a cause where you want to leave a legacy.

Personally, I chose to start a home business where I target two important things to me: making a difference in the world and earning a living.

Making a Difference

Being able to help change lives is part of what attracted me to the company I chose to partner with to build my business.

The other part was that the company helped me solve some problems I was having, and I knew the products and services could help a lot more people allowing me to help make a difference.

Earning a Living

Earning a living involves earning income to pay the bills, do the things I love, and to secure retirement.

Choosing to build a business to earn that income gives me several opportunities: income now, income for the future and income to leave to my family as a legacy and to continue doing good in the world.

How about you? Any desire to build a source of income separate from your day job? That could eventually replace it, or continue to be some added revenue to enjoy.

And if you are a college student facing a pile of date 9 months after you graduate, why not start to generate some income now? Many graduates are having a hard time making those payments on top of living expenses. Having that second income can serve you well throughout your life.

This is Part I of a two-part series on the Entrepreneurship. Check back for Part II and learn more about the Entrepreneur opportunity and how to get started easier than you may think, including with the best kept secret.

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