Spring Clean with Best Green Products

So are you thinking about Spring Cleaning?

Want to Spring Clean GREEN? Want to Spring Clean SAFE? Want to Spring Clean Healthier? Want to Spring Clean Economically? Want to Spring Clean Effectively?

The VERY BEST All-Purpose Cleaner has been around for 50 Years. This past year it was made even more Concentrated than it already was, and also became a Streak-Free formula! It replaces many household cleaners, and contains NO ammonia fumes, NO acids, NO alkalis, and NO Kerosene or solvent.

This formula is a highly concentrated, extremely effective, non-toxic, biodegradable, earth-friendly cleaner. Leaves an anti-magnetic surface so dust and dirt are not attracted to the surface. Out-performs other cleaners and more economical. One pint makes 48 gallons of a general cleaning solution for less than 22 cents a gallon. It is a pH balanced cleaner, and contains no formaldehyde. Only 2 ounces makes the equivalent of 728 bottles of Windex for less than one cent a bottle!

There are hundreds of uses for this All-Purpose “Wonder” Cleaner. Over the next 2 posts we will discuss about 30 of them.

For (non-streak) window cleaner, you add ONLY 2 DROPS to a clean, 16 oz. spray bottle and fill with water. Compare this cost of less than one cent to the cost of a bottle of Windex.

As a surface cleaner for counter tops, appliances, bathroom fixtures, walls, finger prints, etc, mix 1/4 teaspoon in a 16 oz. spray bottle and fill with water. Compare 3.5 cents to the price of another brand of spray cleaner.

For walls, ceilings, floors, including hardwood floors, mix 2 teaspoons per gallon of water.

Wash fresh fruits and vegetables – this is one of my favorite uses. A small spray bottle sits on our sink and is used throughout the day for this purpose. It will remove residue of sprays, waxes and dirt. Rinse well.

Hand wash delicate fabrics with only 1/2 tsp per basin of water.

Fertilize African Violets and other houseplants with two drops per gallon of water.

Wallpaper Remover (this is a favorite of many) with 1 tbsp per gallon of water. Sponge on to the wallpaper soaking thoroughly. Scrape or peel off wallpaper (does not work with vinyls).

Clean Aquariums with 1/2 tsp per quart of water. Clean coral, rocks, and entire aquarium with solution and rinse thoroughly before refilling.

Wash artificial flowers with 1 tsp per gallon of water. Dip flowers and swish gently.

Chewing gum removal from fabric, carpet and hair by applying full strength. Work into the gum, and scrape off with knife blade.

Bathe your baby by gently cleaning baby’s skin with 1/4 tsp in bath water. There is not irritation to baby’s skin and no bathtub ring.

Camping. The camper’s friendly cleaner. Apply full strength to outside of pans before putting over the fire and fire will not blacken the pans. Washes up great. Use 1/2 tsp in basin to wash dishes.

Wash car with 1 tbsp in a bucket of water. Also, if you wash the car on your lawn, it will be very beneficial to it because it makes Water more permeable to the soil. Effective for cleaning engines. Will not affect paint, gaskets, or insulating material. Best results can be achieved when the engine is hot for fastest drying of the ignition system. Use 1/4 tsp per pint of water and spray on battery terminals, let soak for 2 minutes and clean with a wire brush. use 1 tsp in radiator full of water/antifreeze to prevent rust.

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