Taiwan Opportunity Announcements

Last evening there was a corporate tele-conference about the newest global Shaklee Distributor opportunity.

Taiwan pre-launch activities are in full swing and Shaklee Distributors are eager to take their global internet businesses all over the world.  This is the first step.  As a Global Ambassador, they will be able to do business in existing global markets as well. The is the beginning of 50 countries in the next 10 years.

What we need to do:

Tell the people of Taiwan why you love Shaklee Distributor products.

Tell them about the vision of this great company and our awesome leader.

Give examples of our commitment to excellence, 100+ clinical studies (on our own products, not borrowed studies).

Emphasize the Opportunity and how it is superior to any company in the industry.

Let them know how successful Shaklee Distributor products have been in our own market.  Not only are we 50 years old, but we have used those years to become the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the USA.  Our sales are twice the size in our home market than most of our competitors.

Taiwan is an enormous international opportunity.  Apart from the standard compensation plan, there are bonus pools and other incentives.  Details can be accesses on the company website (link above) and in future posts.  Hold on for quite a ride ahead!

To give a recap of the phone call this evening on the Taiwan launch, I have listed some key points discussed.

The people of Taiwan are very familiar with network marketing.  They know the value of nutritional competition.  The region represents the highest per capita consumption of nutritional products of any area in the world.  50% of those products are sold through direct sales.

What they are interested to learn about is Shaklee Distributor products.  Can they trust the company?  Are we for real?  Are the products superior?  How does the business opportunty stack up?

Also discussed were the compensation opportunities available for Taiwan and key steps on how to successfully sponsor there. There is a special subsidy Taiwan Bonus Pool and a Taiwan Grand Opening incentive trip. The key dates to Taiwan’s main pre-launch activities as well as the Taiwan product strategy is all information that can be accessed online now. How does this sound for a global internet business?

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