Benefits of Vitamins

The benefits of vitamins are that they help your body every day to perform the normal functions that keep you healthy. And the reason they are needed is that most of us do not get enough of the nutrients that our body needs for optimal health.

We have a list of 24 vitamins, minerals and nutrients and the healthy benefits associated with each.

the benefits of vitamins

Do you get confused what health benefits a specific nutrient can have for your body?

We work with a brand who is constantly getting new clinical proof that vitamins have their own unique benefits.

Disclaimer: Not all vitamins are created equal, and not all are clinically proven. In fact, some may harm you more than help you.

That’s why it is important to find quality vitamins that are proven to work, and to be able to access that proof from the brand.

Nutrition Matters!

Nutrition is what fuels your body. It helps each of your body processes work the way they are supposed to work.

Vitamin and nutrition deficiencies are more common than you realize.

Vitamin and nutrition deficiencies often go undiagnosed.

When you combine healthy eating with supplements your body needs and may not be getting from your food, you are able to bridge the gap of nutrients you aren’t getting.

Nutrition supplements can be your ultimate tool to change your health.

Are you wanting to build up your health?

Do you have a health challenge?

When you have a health challenge, do you consider a nutrition solution?

2 Important Nutrition Tips

If you realize the link between the nutrition you eat, and the state of your health, there are a few tips that can help you make better choices.

  1. Never go into the center of the grocery store. There is little or no nutrition there.
  2. Shop the perimeter and eat fresh food: eat the things that rot before they rot!

You Get Sick When Your Body Can’t Function Optimally.

Your body can be either low in a certain nutrient, or deficient in that nutrient. Sometimes deficiencies come from lack of enough of the nutrient in your diet, or it can result from the nutrient being depleted from your body due to certain foods you eat, medications you take, or lifestyle choices such as smoking or being sleep deprived or high stress.

multivitamin benefits

We have put together a list of 24 natural nutrition supplements and how they can help have a healthy benefit to your body.

Do You Live to Eat, or Eat to Live?

When we first started learning about the importance of nutrition, and how, depending on the food we eat (and a lot more), we may not be getting enough of certain vitamins or minerals every day, we started to understand that every single body process that was happening inside of us required certain nutrients be fed to our cells.

If your cells don’t get the nutrients they need, one or more of these body processes cannot function the way it is supposed to function.

And when you do give your body the nutrition it needs, your body can actually start to function right again.

We believe the body can HEAL ITSELF of many health challenges.

Multivitamin Benefits

Here is our list of 24 nutrition supplements and the benefits they provide.

Click the image to get a free PDF of the 24 Life Changing Nutrition Solutions.

1. Multivitamin: nutrition insurance, energy, immunity, healthy appearance, pre-natal, post-natal, heart and brain and eye and bone health, immunity, metabolism, healthy muscles, vitality

2. B-Complex: tired all the time, irritable, headaches, stressed, mood swings, rapid heartbeat, pregnance/morning sickness, carpal tunnel syndrome

3. Vitamin C: get viruses a lot, chronic infections, bruise easily, allergies, cancer prevention, eat processed meats, varicose/spider veins

4. Vitamin E (Complex): heart disease, asthma, poor circulation, diabetes, stroke risk, cold hands & feet, scarring, autoimmune disorders, menopause/hot flashes

5. Calcium: muscle cramps, muscle tension, irritability, insomnia/sleep problems, PMS/menstrual cramps, joint pains, back aches, low dairy intake, osteoporosis, tooth decay/cavities/grinding teeth

6. Iron (plus Vitamin C): anemia, heavy menstruation, darck circles under eyes, vegetarian diet, low energy, fatigue, stress

7. Lecithin: high cholesterol, poor memory, concentration problems, learning challenges, trying to lose weight

8. Alfalfa: allergies, asthma, arthritis, joint pain, gout, sinus infections, low fiber diet, constipation, digestive problems, kidney or bladder infections, bad breath, body odor, excess fluid retention

9. Echinacea: (As needed) viral or bacterial infections, weak immune system, frequent sore throat, fight off colds and flu at first sign

10. Carotenoids: asthma, allergies, poor night vision, skin issues, respiratory infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, viruses, weak immune system, family cancer history, exposure to toxins, heart disease

11. Soy Protein Isolate: go to bed tired and wake up tired, mood swings, poor muscle tone, difficulty concentrating, hormonal imbalances, high cholesterol, low bone density, low or fluctuating blood sugar, thyroid problems, poor digestion, slow healing, premature aging, low immunity

12. Coenzyme Q10: on cholesterol lowering meds, congestive heart failure, fatigue, lack of energy, cold hands or feet, irregular heart beat or rhythm, fluid retention, edema, gum disease, poor circulation

13. L-theanine, Ashwagandha: feel stressed out often, time pressure deadlines, muscle tension, angry outbursts, difficulty concentrating, not enough hours in day

14. Garlic: high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, blood clots, aneurysms, viral or bacterial infections, yeast infections, Candida, sinus infection, allergies, asthma, colitis

15. Omega-3 fatty acids: high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, heart disease, poor circulation, blood clots, migraine headaches, learning challenges, ADD, autism, development disorders, eczema, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, asthma, allergies, inflammation

16. Ginseng Complex: recurrent fatigue, mental or physical exhaustion, no initiative, low blood pressure, high levels of stress, blood sugar irregularities, depression, poor appetite

17. Ginko Biloba Complex: trouble concentrating, poor memory, ADD, dementia, vertigo, dizzy, ringing in ears, macular degeneration, asthma, headaches, diabetic circulation problems, cataracts, glaucoma

18. Milk Thistle Complex: liver damage, hepatitis, cirrhosis, take prescription or over-the-counter meds, food allergirs or intolerances, canker sores, acne

19. Saw Palmetto: enlarged prostate gland, trouble with urination, slow urination, kidney or urinary infections, waking up at night to urinate

20. Digestive Enzymes: food intolerances, lactose intolerance, constipation, gas, bloating, indigestion, toxicity

21. Peppermint and Ginger: upset stomach, acid indigestion, gas, bloating, morning sickness, motion sickness

22. Glucosamine and Boswellia extract: osteoarthritis, joint pain, improves joint mobility, sports injuries, cartilage degeneration, flexibility

23. Fiber: high cholesterol, diabetes, constipation, acne, body odor, colon problems, diet high in processed foods, heart disease

24. Probiotic: antibiotic use, immunity, Chron’s, Colitis, IBS, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, recurrent sinus infections, allergies, infections

Let us know what you think about this list, and if you have any questions or want to discuss any of these nutrients. Contact us through the site here, email or give us a call.

The benefits of vitamins for your health can be huge. We personally believe that the body can do a lot in the way of healing itself from the kinds of health challenges that nutrition can affect.

Nutrition matters
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