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100 Years Helping People Stay Healthy

Here at Anti Aging By Design we share products from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in America, The Shaklee Corporation. I’d like to tell you a little about the company and how ordering from the company works.

Shaklee turned 60 years old in 2016, but really dates back to the 1920’s when Dr. Shaklee first created what he called ‘vitalized minerals’ to use in his medical practice – he was a chiropractor who had been a very sickly child who almost did not survive a serious illness and had a lifetime passion for studying nature and how the body can heal itself.

  • Shaklee invented the multi vitamin in the U.S. 100 years ago
  • Shaklee invented the first plant based protein that is made with soy lecithin
  • Shaklee helped pioneer health prevention and remain committed to help now that the world is now talking more about the need for prevention

Vitalized minerals came before there was ever a word ‘vitamin’.  So essentially Dr. Shaklee pioneered the vitamin industry.  Even today there’s a very real difference in brands of supplements.

Food-based means that the individual vitamins and supplements are made from ingredients as close the the way you would find them in nature – in food – as possible. That means the vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrition are digested and absorbed like food, to feed your cells and keep them healthy.

So it is essential you can trust that your brand uses only natural ingredients and also high quality and safe ingredients.

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What sets Shaklee apart from most brands is quality, efficacy, safety and science. 


Quality isn’t only about the ingredients of the supplements or the supplement itself, although that is certainly most important. It’s also about all the science and research that is behind the product and goes into the creation and formulation, that is going to make it work in your body.

Shaklee supplements are combinations of ingredients that work together to make each of them work better than if they were alone in a tablet. This synergistic effect is what gives you such great results.


Are the products effective? A very important consideration when taking vitamins and other supplements is how the products are formulated. A brand difference with Shaklee is the delivery systems in the supplements.

Shaklee goes the extra mile to make sure that the vitamins and herbal products get to the right part of your body, at the right time, to dissolve and be absorbed for ultimate benefits.


From the very first days of learning about Shaklee products we heard about the stringent safety practices that exceed any type of government or industry regulations. The number of tests Shaklee does on raw ingredients and products in general is really hard to imagine, but it makes us feel confident that there’s not going to be a safety issue in consuming any product made from this brand.


There are so many things we can say about Shaklee science, such as (the last I heard) Shaklee has more scientists and doctors working for them than most of the other brands throughout the country added together.

Shaklee is the only company with a long-term supplement study.  We can get you the information on that as well.

Your takeways: 

There are only a handful of supplement brands that guarantee their products work. There’s only one #1.

And the most important thing is that you get the results you want: feel better, live healthier, target better long term health.

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How to buy Shaklee products

Shaklee products are not sold in stores.  When Dr. Shaklee formed his company, he chose a home-based business model to sell his products. He felt that his products would not be understood or appreciated sitting on a store shelf, without someone always available to explain how they work, how they are unique because of the science and research behind every single product, and many other stories and distinctions about Shaklee products.

Dr. Shaklee also wanted families to benefit from sharing the products. So for almost 58 years, network marketing has been the distribution behind the products. You can purchase the products retail, or you can become a member to save 15% off all products, plus some other incentives that only members get (and there are never any obligations to buy anything).

Shaklee membership is like a Sam’s club or Costco membership except that you don’t have to renew every year. You pay $19.95 one time and there are free membership options as well as free shipping. We can explain that as well as tell you how you can save even more on some of the products.

It is totally up to you whether you buy retail or become a member. Either way, we are happy to serve you and available to help in any way that we can. Just contact us through this page, call us, or connect with us on any of the social media sites.

What I really appreciate about Dr. Shaklee choosing to have individual people or families sharing his products is that even though this is a home business, the only way you are successful in the business is to help other people. At the end of the day, that feels really good.

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