benefits of weight loss

Weight Loss Vitamins

weight loss vitamins

Weight loss vitamins can help you boost your metabolism, balance your blood sugar level, and help your body lose weight from fat cells rather than from your muscle.  You want to keep your muscle that continues to burn fat, right?

How can we be obese and malnourished at the same time? Why do many diets not work? Could it be that we aren’t getting enough nutrition while we try to lose weight?

When you go on a diet, you normally cut calories. Lots of calories. If you aren’t on a healthy diet during your weight loss, you may be cutting too many nutrients as you cut your calories.

It’s important when you are dieting that you get enough nutrients so that your body feels satisfied and also so that you don’t get sick. You may be able to starve your body for awhile but it will catch up with you eventually.

Either you get sick, or because your body is not satisfied, you are hungry all the time and can’t stick with the diet. Sound familiar? Do you think this may be a link to why many diets don’t work, or at least don’t last?

I think it’s great when someone decides to lose weight, especially for healthy reasons.  I support getting to, and maintaining, a healthy weight – both to feel good about yourself and to decrease your risk of developing overweight or obesity related illnesses.

If it’s so important that your body gets its vitamins and minerals, why aren’t more diet programs including a weight loss vitamin? To me it sounds pretty good to get healthier while you lose the weight you desire.

benefits of weight loss

Benefits of Weight Loss Vitamins

In addition to providing your body with the nutrients it needs to support your diet, there are other benefits of weight loss vitamins.

Chromium that is included in a weight loss vitamin helps balance your blood sugar levels. This is beneficial because it helps you feel satisfied between meals when your glucose (blood sugar) levels are steady.

Another trace mineral, vanadium, works similar to chromium; and banaba leaf extract has a blood sugar lowering effect that is like insulin that helps get glucose from your blood into your cells for energy.

EGCG is an acronym for epigallocatechin gallate and is a powerful antioxidant found in the polyphenols in green tea. What’s important about EGCG being included in a weight loss vitamin is the way it stimulates thermogenesis in your body.

Thermogenesis is a process that is essential to losing weight. It’s the generation of heat in your body, and includes a series of chemical reactions that help burn fat – to form carbon dioxide and water.

Rusty Ost, RPh, in his Phytobytes series, explains it further: “These (chemical) reactions liberate thermal energy (heat) which, along with the carbon dioxide and water, is tangible evidence of the disapperance of those fat molecules. Thermal energy is measured in units of calories. By stimulating thermogenesis, EGCG contributes to your body’s caloric output. Hence energy expenditure is increased.”

I have taken all-natural vitamins for all of my adult life. I can’t imagine going on a diet where I cut calories (and nutrition) – and not take a multivitamin-multimineral supplement. If you are considering a weight loss program, I encourage you to do your research and find a weight loss vitamin that can help support your diet. Be sure to look for the ingredients mentioned in this article.

We wrote more about a daily vitamin that is food based, as close to the way you find the nutrients in nature, in your food, as possible, here:  All Natural Daily Vitamins.

And to learn more about a metabolism booster supplement that can be taken along with a daily vitamin, and that uses over 50 years of science and research to provide all of the ingredients mentioned, in a very unique product that helps you lose weight from fat cells rather than from muscle, visit Weight Loss Vitamins.

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