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Today we know better than ever that how we live our lives from childhood forward will play a huge role in how we age.  So, the anti aging process can begin at birth!

Nurturing your child and your child’s health rank at the top of most parenting lists. Not only does children’s health impact the daily lives of families, it is important to build good health and strong immune systems for the future as well.

We want our children to be as healthy as possible and yet it can be hard to get essential nutrition into our kids. Picky eaters, busy lifestyles, and meals-on-the-go all create challenges to provide enough vitamins and minerals for our children every day.

What we do know is that what we eat determines our health in the present and in the future. Children grow rapidly. They build flexibility and strength throughout childhood, and their brain is in development as well. Energy is needed to create happy, healthy boys and girls. And mental and emotional health is related to diet as well.

It all begins before conception really. Healthy women and men who consume certain nutrients that are critical to a growing baby will give that baby a healthy head start. Two examples are fathers who eat diets rich in Vitamin C that prevent free radical damage to DNA can pass along healthier genes, and mothers who get enough folic acid that prevents birth defects.

As an infant, the best source of nutrition is breast milk from a healthy mom. To make sure the baby is getting enough nutrients, an infant multi-vitamin liquid is suggested and can help fight the many viruses that attack these small bodies. Babies who are a little older can supplement with protein shakes that are mixed age appropriate and help grow healthy cells and tissues.

Toddler nutrition is challenging because often these busy little ones don’t want to take the time, or they haven’t developed the taste buds, for optimal nutrition. Multi-vitamins provide broad coverage of essential nutrients. Calcium supplements are great for children who have digestive issues with dairy products or do not get enough calcium from foods like broccoli, salmon, kale and tofu, and can help support growth and development of bones and teeth. Iron is vital to children’s health, inside their cells and transporting oxygen to all parts of their body including the brain. An iron fortified multi-vitamin is the choice for children who do not eat enough meat or poultry on a daily basis.

School-age children are introduced to junk foods if they haven’t already been exposed. For some children, french fries is the main vegetable they eat, and candy or sugar-filled drinks are consumed far too often. There can be a definite lack of important nutrients during this time, and multi-vitamin supplements can be the most comprehensive and easiest way to insure they get what they need each day. Children at this age grow rapidly, and what they put into their bodies is going to determine the results they get in terms of illness and disease and also behavior and emotions.

Teenage children have the added challenge of hormones kicking in and more recently, issues with overweight and obesity. Junk foods are readily available and parents aren’t always around to monitor diets. Food can play even more of a role in mental and emotional issues and energy levels.

Parents have their children’s best interests at heart but food and nutrition are battles that are often lost. Even if our children eat a mostly balanced diet, we still know that enough nutrients are not present in our foods alone. The need to supplement has been proven, and can make dramatic impromements in the mental and physical health of our children.

While your children have their school homework, parents should do their nutrition homework and evaluate what supplements can make the best addition to their individual child’s daily diet. Is getting enough calcium every day a concern? Is iron needed in the multi-vitamin? Are there some behavior issues that might benefit with a fish oil supplement high in pure and safe DHA? Is an immune builder or extra Vitamin C available to help a child who seems to get sick all of the time?

Children’s Nutrition including high quality multi-vitamin and Pure DHA supplement.

Healthy Babies

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