50 Year Old Company Still the Best Kept Secret

by AntiAgingByDesign

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A great big welcome to The Best Kept Secret. How is a company A Leader in the Health and Wellness Field for 50 YEARS, yes 50 years, and not yet a household name?

I like to think a big reason for that is because the advertising money that they DON’T SPEND is spent on Research, Clinical Studies, and Quality Ingredients that provide you with the RESULTS you want from a product you use in or on your body or home. This includes Natural products minus the harmful chemicals and additives in many other brands.

Another reason that you may not have heard of this company and its wonderful products is because the marketing method chosen fifty years ago was a ‘person-to-person’ program of sharing one on one. Of course this way will take a long time to reach everyone!

Due to very strict internet rules I can’t mention the company name or show the logo but there will be links to the company web pages throughout this blog. This company – and its products – have changed my life, the lives of my family members, and countless people all over the United States and beyond.

Soon these products created In Harmony With Nature will make more of a global impact. 50 countries in the next 10 years is the plan. Just think how many people we are going to be able to help feel better every day and plan for a healthy future.

That is exciting to me, and I invite you to read the facts, stories and testimonies that will be presented here. The founder was a very special doctor who was a man way ahead of his time. It is interesting to note what he talked about as long as 80 years ago – like ‘vitamins’ and ‘biodegradeable’ – were only accepted many years later. His commitment was to never make a product that would harm even ONE CELL in a person’s body. That is a very impressive and unique thing and one that I am thankful of and proud of every day as I use these products.

Thanks for visiting and come back often. There will eventually be the complete line represented.. and some inspirational experiences shared.
In a hurry? Click to Download This Post as a PDF and Read Later.

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