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Are you up for a Challenge? The 30-day FEEL BETTER Challenge, most recently known as The Prove it Challenge, is a guaranteed way to start feeling more energy, feeling more healthy and focused, and building good health for the future as well. Essentially it’s like radically changing the way you feel! There’s no more guesswork …

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Nutrition Month

Nutrition Month: 5 Healthy Nutrition Solutions

Every month should be Nutrition Month (more specifically, Natural Nutrition Month). You can measurably benefit from the healthy and healing results that optimal nutrition gives you. At the bottom of this post is more info about a Nutrition cheat sheet we made for you. It is 24 Nutrition Solutions so that you can match up …

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best supplements to take daily

What Vitamins Should I Take: A Beginners Guide

The vitamins that you take should be personalized to your specific health and wellness goals because your body is unique to any other. We believe that you start with a comprehensive multivitamin/multimineral supplement that provides a broad spectrum of the nutrients that your body needs every single day to stay healthy. After that you supplement …

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