Have you been Cinched?

The Cinch weight loss testimonies are pouring in.. It is very motivating to read about the success lots of folks are having with Cinch, the healthy weight loss program.  There was a web event this evening where well over 100 people were in the web-conference room, and 200 more people were accessing it via telephone.  A very professional presentation was shared and lots of success stories were given by some excited people getting wonderful health results.

My husband listened in and will probably be participating sometime soon with his own testimony.  He is a few weeks into the Cinch weight loss (inches and fat) program and has lost 11 lbs.  He did not measure inches (but please do so because you will want to see the actual number that comes OFF) but is very happy that he can ‘feel’ the inch loss as well as the weight loss.  Now one thing about his progress that he was figuring out on his own even before he heard the same thing discussed this evening, is that it is VERY IMPORTANT to do ALL PARTS of the Cinch program.  He did not do so for the first two weeks and really has seen that difference this past week because all parts work TOGETHER.  The tea is what he raves about the most and that is because he sips on it between meals and really thinks that helps him NOT feel hungry.  The shake is doing its thing and the Boost and bars as well, but he sees the tea as being a key part.  I am sure the energy it gives has a lot to do with it.

Here is a testimony that came through on an email from Mike Wagner:

“I thought I would give you a progress report on my Cinch results after one month. I am very excited about these results as I have been running since April and had gone from 250 pounds down to 225 and had been stuck there since July. I have not been able to lose inches or pounds since that time. I started Cinch a month ago and have lost 13 pounds, but even more amazing to me is that 4-1/2 inches have come off of my waist and 1-3/4 inches off my hips. I am very, very excited about these results! During that time I was even on steriods for 8 days, for a bout with poison oak. The doctor said I would gain at least 5 pounds. Cinch is really great and we are getting a weekly support group going in Capac for those on Cinch to get together and share results starting in October. Truely Grateful.

Another item I read in an email I especially liked because of how it was worded and how true it really is:  Cinch is a great health program that helps people with three categories of health:  ONE, losing inches and improving muscle mass; TWO, medical issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol; and THREE, an overall improvement of health including an increase in energy, eliminates cravings and provides a healthy diet for busy people."

I really liked that because many of us (well maybe not us ‘informed’ people) will face health "issues" such as those mentioned – soon or sometime in the future – so why not head it off NOW?  And aren’t we all trying to Build Good Health?  Take away some unwanted inches and build better health.  What sounds better than that?

One last post I will share is a response from Shaklee Field Support in answer to questions about EGCG in the Boost product, and caffeine in the tea:

EGCG is the easy way of saying epigallocatechin gallate, a naturally occurring polyphenol in green tea that has been shown in clinical studies to boost thermogenesis and boost metabolism.  EGCG helps burn calories and has been shown to promote fat oxidation (the burning of fat for energy). Clinical studies for this ingredient were conducted using 270 mg of EGCG, the same amount that Shaklee provides in the Cinch 3-in-1 Boost. EGCG is not caffeine, but the Cinch energy tea does contain 70 millgrams of naturally occurring caffeine, compared to about 150 milligrams one finds in a regular cup of coffee.

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