Give To Your Cause Press Release

For some time now I have heard that non-profit organizations have been struggling in their fundraising efforts.  With many people struggling in the current economy, less people are able to give the amount of cash donations they once did.

I have always liked the idea of a win-win situation, and I believe this concept can be applied to the charitable giving industry.  When a person or family can re-direct some of the spending they do every month to a new brand that is willing to give up to 50% of the cost of the products back to the non-profit organization, I call that a win-win.  The non-profit benefits greatly, and the person or family does as well when they experience the quality and efficacy of products from the #1 company in the industry.

More information is posted here in my Press Release that starts out, Vicki Zerbee, a Shaklee Independent Distributor from Duncansville, PA, has announced that she will partner with non-profit organizations in their fundraising efforts.

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