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The Bottom Line Personal subscription that I get also entitles me to a yearly calendar with extra pieces of interesting information posted on each calendar monthly page.

On the October page there was a section called Weighing In.  With all the Cinch activity, I seemed to be tuned in to any and all weigh management news.

The Low-carb diet danger was addressed.  It states that these popular diets which are typically high in protein and fat, often are low in fiber.  The new finding is that adults who ate three servings of fiber-rich whole grains every day during an 11-year period reduced their risk of death from any cause by up to 23%.  High-fiber foods help maintain body weight, improve cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.  The recommended daily fiber intake is 30 grams (g).  Folks- remember that there IS FIBER in the Cinch shakes and with two servings a day, this is 16 grams of fiber from the shakes alone.   A couple of fiber-rich food sources include one pear at 10g, one cup of rasberries at 8g, and one cup of lentils at 16g.

Also on the October calendar page there is a post that came from Jens Jordan MD, a professor of clinical pharmacology and medicine, that states people can lose five pounds per year just by drinking two liters of water a day.  That seems like a lot but really ends up being close to that eight cups a day we’ve heard about for a long, long time.  Drinking water speeds up your metabolism and you start to burn fat after you drink just two glasses.

Next tidbit is that Late-night eating does not make you fatter.  Recent research shows that a calorie is a calorie – no matter what time of day it is consumed.  This came from Judy Cameron, PhD, associate professor of physiology and pharmacology at the Oregon Health and Science University.

Now here is an interesting piece from this same source.  The more you drive, the more you weigh.  I am sorry all you long distance drivers, and there are many of you out there!  For every additional 30 minutes commuters drive each day, there is a 3% greater chance of being obese compared with those who drive less.  This finding from Lawrence Frank, PhD, and associate professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.  Not to worry anymore all you drivers, we Shaklee Distributors have Cinch Shakes now.  They are very portable and as part of the Cinch inch loss program, you will be cutting calories, and losing fat and inches.

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